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The temperature has dropped significantly in Boston this weekend (it's 27 degrees as I type this), making it perfect binge-watching weather. If you find yourself endlessly scrolling through the options on Amazon and Netflix, I'm here to make it easier to select a great show. So, put on those cozy clothes, grab your warmest blanket and get situated in your favorite spot on the couch. 

1. Queer Eye (Netflix) 

I want to give the Fab Five the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching the world about the true meaning of humanity.

Queer Eye

If you haven't had a chance to get into the show, there are four seasons available on Netflix, and last week they just released four bonus episodes where the guys travel to Japan. I devoured those in one sitting. 

What makes Queer Eye so special is that it's about kindness - towards ourselves and others.

Warning: you will cry during every single episode, so keep those tissues handy. 

2. Sex Education (Netflix) 

Sex Education made me laugh so hard. I couldn't get enough! The show centers around Otis, an awkward high school student, who finds himself in the unlikely position of giving love and relationship advice to his classmates. Otis' mother, Jean, is a sex therapist, so he's spent his entire life overhearing her discussing sensitive subjects with her patients. 

Otis is played by newcomer Asa Butterfield, and his mother is played brilliantly by Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame. 

Sex Education

There are only eight episodes (you will find yourself massively disappointed when you realize you've watched the last one) and each is about 50 minutes. 

3. Fleabag (Amazon) 

I have to be honest, after I watched the first season of Fleabag, I wasn't convinced. The main character often breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to the camera, which drove me nuts. That said, season two is spectacular (as evidenced by the trophy case of Emmys they amassed in September) and 100 percent worth the watch. 


If you aren't familiar with the premise, Fleabag is a young, single woman dealing with the loss of her best friend, who was also her business partner. Her family often chides her for being selfish, making all of their gatherings explosive. 

The relationship between Fleabag and her sister is one of the most honest portrayals of sibling rivalry I have ever seen on screen. 

The cherry on top is Fleabag's illicit love affair with a person the internet has dubbed "the hot priest." 

Give it a go, you won't be sorry. 

4. Victoria (Amazon) 

While we wait for season three of The Crown (returning November 17, mark your calendar!), Victoria is a perfect way to get your Royals fix. This show, which originally aired on PBS, is now available on Amazon. There are three seasons, with eight episodes each. Each episode runs about 50 minutes. 

The costumes and sets are reason enough to watch. This show is an absolute feast for the eyes. 


What keeps you sucked in is the tension between the young queen and her parliament, as well as the constant bickering (and making up!) with her husband, Albert. Who also happens to be her cousin. Eek! 

5. Homecoming (Amazon) 

When it was announced that Julia Roberts would headline the new Amazon show Homecoming, fans and critics were surprised. The actress, once known as America's sweetheart, has been pretty reclusive since starting a family and moving to New Mexico. If she was putting herself back in the ring, it would be for something significant. 

Homecoming is ten episodes, 30 minutes each. Roberts stars as a counselor at a facility for military veterans. Her greedy, corporate boss is played by Bobby Cannavale, and Stephan James (who was incredible in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk) plays a patient she forms an unexpected bond with. 


When it becomes clear this "re-entry center" may actually be a front for something evil, the show's pace quickens and you becoming deeply invested in exposing the company behind these tests. 

6. The Fosters (Netflix) 

The Fosters originally aired on Freeform (the artist formerly known as ABC Family) and tells the story of a very unique family. Steph and Lena Foster are parents to one biological son (Brandon), adopted siblings (Mariana and Jesus) and two foster children (Callie and Jude). The shows primarily centers around Callie, who has a tough time adjusting to her new home life, school and the expectations of the court. 

The Fosters

This show has a little bit of everything - family drama, sibling rivalry, romance and politics. The writers never shy away from difficult or controversial issues. 

This one is a big time commitment. Seasons one and two have 21 episodes each, seasons three and four have 20 episodes, and season five has another eight episodes. Each is around 42 minutes. 

You should watch The Fosters, just so you can watch the spinoff, Good Trouble, which is even better! 

7. The Society (Netflix)

I would never have watched The Society without the constant urging of one of my best friends. The premise was a bit sci-fi for my usual tastes, but she kept assuring me I would get into it. 

In the first few minutes of the premiere episode, a group of high school seniors board a bus for a field trip. It's in the middle of a terrible storm - heavy rain, thunder and lightning. The weather is so severe that the bus drivers turn around to bring the kids back, and when they return, the entire town is missing. All the buildings are standing, but no people. 

It becomes a bit Lord of the Flies as these teenagers attempt to figure out how they will survive on their own. 

The Society

While the premise is dark, the show shines when it examines particular relationships within the group. Twitter exploded about a romance between two of the characters, Grizz and Sam. 

Fun fact: the show was shot right here in Massachusetts! Concord, Harvard, Lancaster and Lexington all served as back drops. 

The Society has been green lit for a second season, so if you watch now, you'll be ready when those new episodes drop. 

Happy streaming! 

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