Dining Out: Jack's Home Cooking

I landed in Miami, FL on Sunday and I am here all week for Thanksgiving. My boss very generously allowed me to work remotely in the days prior to the holiday, so I've been able to soak up the sun and hang with family and friends in the evening. 

On the day I arrived, my sister picked me up at the airport and we headed out to lunch. We tried a place that was new to both of us, Jack's Home Cooking in Wynwood. The restaurant honors all the famous Jacks (more on that here). 

Jacks Home Cooking

Because I knew it was below freezing back in Boston, I insisted we sit on the outdoor patio. I had to maximize my sun time! 

Jacks Home CookingJacks Home Cooking

Our waitress popped over with menus and I gasped when I saw Jackie Kennedy on the front!

Jacks Home Cooking

Is the Jacks name starting to making a bit more sense now? 

The menu is classic Italian, with a mix of salads, pizza, pasta and sandwiches. While we looked over the food options, we ordered two ice teas and clinked glasses to celebrate being together again. 

Jacks Home Cooking

The ice tea was excellent (house brewed) and had a hint of something tropical. Hibiscus, maybe? 

For lunch, my sister went with the San Gennaro sandwich, which was sweet Italian sausage, red, yellow and green peppers, onions and tomato sauce. 

Jacks Home Cooking

After a few bites she said, "This tastes like something from a real, Italian deli. No frills, but satisfying." She later added, "I wish the bread had been toasted a bit more. The tomato sauce wound up making it too soggy."

Jacks Home Cooking

There weren't too many vegetarian options, so I wound up choosing the caprese salad. 

Jacks Home Cooking

Jack's definition of "salad" is apparently a bit of mixed greens for garnish. The tomatoes were tasty, but not as fresh as I'm used to in this kind of salad, where the tomato is the star. 

To make up for the lackluster salad, I ordered a side of French fries, which wound up being the highlight of the meal! 

Jacks Home Cooking

My sister commented, "These remind of the fries at Cabots in Newtonville." That's the diner where we grew up, so quite the compliment! 

Though I would say we were both underwhelmed by the food, it was lovely sitting on the patio. Our waitress was friendly and attentive, but not pushy, and she let us sit there long after we'd paid the bill. 

Right before we left, I ducked inside to use the ladies room and on the back wall I noticed more Jack decor. 

Jacks Home Cooking

You have to hand it to them, they really committed! 


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