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One of my 2022 New Year's resolutions is to take more local road trips. While it may not feel safe to fly or jet set the way I used to, I can definitely hop in the car and zip around New England. 

On Saturday, I picked up my bestie and we headed towards Route 2 to drive out to Maynard, MA. I had been to Maynard once before to check out a house she had flipped there, but I'd never been to the town center. 

Several months ago, she discovered a shop called Kind Goods. Before you continue reading, pause to follow @kindgoodsmaynard on Instagram, where owner Michelle Barrett posts beautiful photos, shares the most thoughtful captions, and brings you into her world through Instagram Stories that make you want to buy every single thing she features. 

Since I'd been following on Instagram for quite a while, I stepped inside the shop eager to pick up so many of the items I'd seen online. I'm a very tactile shopper. I like to feel the weight of a ceramic mug, hold a wooden kitchen utensil in my hands, or touch the threads of an artisan blanket. 

Kind Goods Maynard

Every item in Kind Goods is thoughtfully curated and intentionally displayed. In the front, left corner there was a selection of coffees and teas. I gravitated toward a tea blend called Me Time. 

Kind Goods Maynard

I was also intrigued by a berry-forward blend called Strawberry Fields. 

Kind Goods Maynard

A little ways down, there were rows of candles in glass jars. They were named after nostalgic things like Leather Jacket and Sunday Morning.

Kind Goods Maynard

I forgot to snap a photo of these, but there were also several scents from Calyan Wax Co. I had been gifted the Lavender + Bergamot scent for Hanukkah, and I decided to buy myself an additional scent, Aspen + Fog. It smells like a cozy log cabin. Five percent of every purchase of these candles is donated to non-profit organizations that support victims of human trafficking in the United States. You can read more about the charitable component here

Kind Goods has so many beautiful kitchen items. Glassware, cocktail stirrers, mugs, honey jars, copper storage vessels, serving utensils, dish towels and more. 

Kind Goods Maynard

I can't get over the natural light that beams into the front of the store. 

On the back wall, before you reach the register, is the jewelry. There are necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each item is feminine and delicate. I basically wanted everything. 

Kind Goods Maynard

I also forgot to capture the paper goods - planners, journals, birthday cards, Valentine's - a potpourri of wonderful options. There were also dozens of bath and body items - soaps, bath salts, nail polish. 

I could have spent a full hour in there, but because the space is a bit small, the more people who come in, the tougher it is to move around without knocking anything over. 

If you find yourself in Maynard, or a looking for an escape from the city, Kind Goods is a worthy stop. I've been the recipient of many items from the shop and they're all magnificent. I'm looking forward to many more future visits. 


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