Movie Musings: Isn't It Romantic

On Valentine’s Day, I went with two girlfriends to see Rebel Wilson’s new movie Isn’t It Romantic. Wilson plays a woman named Natalie, who is jaded about love, and doesn’t see herself as attractive. She gets mugged in the subway, hits her head, and has a dream full of romantic comedy cliches. If this premise sounds familiar, it’s because Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty used a similar construct. 

In the dream, Natalie is being pursued by Blake, played by the gorgeous Liam Hemsworth. Each time they are together, she cannot believe he is genuinely interested in her. In one particularly hilarious scene, he tries to give her his phone number by writing each individual number on a rose petal, then handing them to her in a clump. 

Isn't It Romantic

The tension comes from a second love interest, Josh, played by Adam Devine (Wilson’s co-star, Bumper, in the Pitch Perfect franchise). The two work together at an architecture firm, but Natalie has always been oblivious to his advances, convinced he’s obsessed with Isbaella, the model on the billboard right outside Natalie’s window at work (played by the stunningly beautiful Priyanka Chopra). 

Isn't It Romantic

Betty Gilpin from Glow also makes a few adorable appearances as Natalie’s assistant, Whitney. 

The way this movie pokes fun at the classic elements of a rom-com is brilliant. I found myself laughing out loud repeatedly. In addition to the takedown of the saccharine genre, the film also includes some incredible music. There is a karaoke scene featuring Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” that had the whole theater singing along. Same for a montage that came later to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” 

Isn't It Romantic

When the credits started to roll, we were really hoping for a blooper reel, but sadly there wasn’t one! As my friend said, “Well, that was a missed opportunity.” 

I loved this movie so much that I already want to see it again. And own it. And watch it anytime I want. 

Tell me, have you seen it yet? 

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