Happy New Year!

Welcome Pop.Bop.Shop readers! I'm kicking off 2009 by creating a place for you to find reviews and commentary on all your very most favorite things! We'll dish on:

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Tomorrow several of your television favorites return to their regularly scheduled times:

*Gossip Girl - Will Dan fly to Buenos Aires to prove his devotion to Serena?

*Secret Life of an American Teenager - Don't judge. If you haven't watched, you don't understand its addicting quality. Ricky . . . um, yes please!

*The City - Whitney Port + Australian, musician boyfriend + Bitchy Olivia + NYC = reality TV glory.

*Bromance - I just cannot resist an hour of Brody Jenner. No matter the premise.

*Jon and Kate Plus 8 - These children are just so freakin adorable! Even if their mother is a drill sargeant who constantly berates her husband (you know it's true).

On a side note, the new season of the Bachelor premieres tomorrow night as well. I will not be watching as I find absolutely nothing about Jason at all sexy. I was rooting for Jeremy the entire season of the Bachelorette, and when it was down to the final two, I had my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for Jesse. For those swooning over the sweet, single father - Enjoy. I'm sure you will fill me in.


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