Subscribe: BarkBox (Part III)

For my birthday this year, my cousin gifted Scout and I a three month subscription to BarkBox.

Even before I adopted Scout, I had my eye on BarkBox. As my Facebook behavior shifted towards spending 99% of my time on shelter and rescue pages, I started to get served ads for the service, months before I had a pup! 

One of the reasons I hadn't ordered BarkBox myself was because I wasn't sure exactly what would come in the boxes. That's the reason I decided to chronicle each package. If you're a new pup parent (or a friend of one and want to send a gift), I hope these posts help you decide what to do.

As a reminder, here are the goodies from box #1 and box #2

Our third and final package arrived the week before Thanksgiving (yes, I am behind) and I had a feeling it would be themed for the holiday.

When I unfolded the wrapping paper, there was an adorable card sitting on top that depicted a pup sitting in front of a Thanksgiving feast. His talk bubble shouted, "Let's do this!"

Inside the card was a message. It said that every single item in this month's box was from a company that gives back to shelters or rescues. I love that. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, there was a cornucopia of gifts! 

I knew right away Scout would flip for this rope toy. It had three leaves on it that move up and down the rope. 

Scout loves tug of war, so I had a feeling this rope toy would be the big winner this month. 

In addition to the tug rope, there was a second toy, an ear of corn. The leaves crinkle when you touch them, which dogs love. 

Every BarkBox comes with at least one bag of treats and this month we got two. One bag of honey baked ham treats (left) and one bag of treats made with bison, apple and peaches (right). Do I have a spoiled pup or what? 

Buried at the bottom of the box was another pig ear. You might remember me freaking out when the first one arrived last month. 

Once I had taken a peek at all the items in the box, I put it on the floor for Scout to investigate. 

As I predicted, he went right for the rope toy! 

Let me tell you, it is hard to play tug of war and take a picture at the same time. 

Scout took the toy and pranced over to the living room. 

First he tried to eat the entire thing in one bite. 

When that failed, he decided to lick every inch. 

It was clear he only had eyes for this one toy, so I picked the box up and started to put everything away. Five minutes later when I walked back into the living room, he was in the exact same spot, still totally fixated. A huge hit! 

This was the last month in our three month subscription and while it was so fun to be surprised by the contents of each new box, I didn't feel the need to continue. Scout is very lucky to have a group of people in his life who spoil him rotten. We haven't really been able to keep up with the volume of stuff that has arrived with every new BarkBox. There are plenty of treat bags we haven't even opened yet! 

I think BarkBox is an incredible gift for new pup parents as they figure out what kind of toys and treats their dog likes. Much like other subscription services like Birchbox or Naturebox, it lets you sample things before deciding to put them into a constant rotation. 

Does your dog receive BarkBox packages? Have you ever given it as a gift? 


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