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Last month I shared with you all the goodies inside Scout's first BarkBox. A few weeks ago we received box number two.

For the month of October, the box had a Halloween theme. When I cut through the tape and lifted the lid, the gifts were wrapped inside sheets of black and orange stamped paper. I really love how BarkBox puts thought into each and every element of the delivery experience.

The box was topped with a Halloween card that depicted pups in costume.

Check out the far right side of the cartoon where one pup is peeing on another one who is dressed as a trash can.

The card folded out into a longer note.

In the middle was a hilarious photo of a dog in a Cookie Monster costume, with a cute little rhyme.

The last piece of the card was a description of each item in the box. It lists the name of the product and the price, so if you get hooked on it, you can easily keep buying it yourself.

Last month's box had two toys - a pretzel shaped chew toy and a glow in the dark ball - and this month's box had two stuffed animals. One called Ninja Cat (left) and one that reminded me of Monsters Inc. Scout has so many toys that I tucked these away. I'll give him one when he rips through a current one.

October's box also included two big bags of snacks. On the left, all natural chicken strips and on the right, freeze dried beef.

Though Scout's dog food is chicken flavored, when it comes to treats I keep things mostly vegetarian. He loves peanutbutter flavored treats and my cousins recently gave him pumpkin flavored ones he gobbles up too. We'll see how he likes these meat-centric flavors.

Speaking of vegetarian, I was a little freaked out by the final item in the box, a pig ear. This treat apparently traveled all the way up from South Carolina. Not sure yet if I'll give it to him or offer it to another doggy friend in the neighborhood.

I'm traveling a lot between now and the first week of January, so I am looking forward to surprising Scout with all of these new toys and treats as I get back from each trip. He deserves to be rewarded for being a good boy while his mama is away, don't you think?

This was our second box in a three month subscription, so November's box will be our last. I am excited to see what comes in that final package. Maybe all turkey flavored items in honor of Thanksgiving?

If you're thinking about ordering BarkBox for your pup or as a gift for family or friends, visit their website here.


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