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Back in December 2011, I received a six month subscription to what was, at the time, a brand new beauty sample delivery service called Birchbox (here's the post about my very first Birchbox). I was totally enamored. I even received a Gossip Girl-themed box one month (see that here).

After Birchbox's arrival on the scene, companies started popping up copying their model, but featuring different products. For example, NatureBox for snacks.

Well, sure enough, along came a delivery box for furry friends called BarkBox.

I knew about BarkBox long before I ever adopted Scout. I've been served countless sponsored Facebook ads for the service, probably because I spent all of 2015 on Facebook pages of dog rescues and dog shelters.

So imagine my surprise and delight to learn that my cousin had ordered me a three month subscription for my birthday!

The day I came home and discovered the box on my front steps was pure joy!

I couldn't wait to bring it inside and see how Scout would react. I planted the box on the mat just inside the front door and sat next to it, beckoning him to come check it out. He was more interested in licking my camera lens.

BarkBox has adorable branding. On the outside of the box is a series of pups yapping.

As you scroll along the design from left to right, when you reach the far side of the box it says, "I hate when I forget why I'm barking." 

I cut through the tape and lifted the lid. The contents of the box were wrapped in BarkBox branded paper and there was a note on the top.


The card read, "Happy birthday Molly! We thought you and Scout would enjoy this!" It's signed Quin & Cal, who are my baby cousins (two and a half and three months old, respectively).

I love that the postcard looked like real Air Mail from the post office.

Once I unwrapped the paper, I learned that when you receive your very first BarkBox it is New York City-themed, as BarkBox is based in the Big Apple. There is a taxi yellow notecard that says, "Welcome to New York City, the hometown of BarkBox! There's no place we'd rather mark as our own." Their branding really is clever! For those who may not be dog people, "mark" is an intentionally selected word, referring to how dogs often mark their territory by peeing all over everything.

The box was stuffed with all kind of dog obsessions - chew toys, balls and a wide variety of treats.

The item right on top was a toy pretzel which was actually much heavier than it looked. It had a light blue tag hanging off the side that said, "New York Collection."

There were three kinds of treats in the box starting with the Pork Big Apple chew bars.

There was a super cute canister of treats called Bacon Barkers (also taxi colored).

There was a glow in the dark ball from Chuckit! I didn't even know glow in the dark dog toys existed! This will come in handy now that when I get home from work at 6:30pm it's pitch black.

The packaging on these Peanut Butter Pleasers were cracking me up! Look at that Pug's face!

Scout is addicted to a peanut butter treat from Polka Dog Bakery in Chestnut Hill called Wonder Nuggets. We'll see if these can compete!

After I'd snapped photos of all our BarkBox goodies, I placed the open box on the floor and let Scout have at it.

Look at his eyes in these next two photos. He is pumped! He's making the facial expression I make when I see an amazing dessert go by and land on another table in a restaurant.

Eventually he just dove in!

I was cracking up taking these pictures. Scout was so excited by all the new smells.

After unloading everything, I noticed one final piece of paper in the box, which turned out to be a welcome guide to the service.

It had a very sweet explanation of why BarkBox was founded, followed by some "Did you know?" facts. I actually didn't know that the box is always shipped on the 15th of every month, so I'm glad I took the time to read it!

Scout seems super happy with his first BarkBox. He appears to find the pretzel toy heavy (as I mentioned earlier) but he's loving the bacon flavored treats and I can't wait to test out the glow in the dark ball in the back yard.

My one complaint is that I was prompted (via email) to log in and create Scout's profile. I thought it would be hyper detailed like the beauty profile for BirchBox, but it only asks for the dog's birthday (or adoption day) and if they have any allergies. I would have loved the chance to say what flavors of treats he likes and/or what kind of toys he prefers. I'm not sure if BarkBox doesn't have the bandwidth to make the experience that customized or if they just don't want to.

I have two more BarkBox deliveries coming and I plan to share each of them here for all my fellow pup parents or friends and family who are considering giving BarkBox as a gift.

More to come!


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