Grey's Anatomy: The Barista

Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy seemed a bit jumbled to me, but that might be because I watched it after four cocktails. Whoops!

The story line that really broke my heart was the man who was in love with his coffee barista. He felt they had an emotional, flirtatious connection and she didn't even know who he was. Sigh.

I also felt incredibly sad for Cristina this hour who is more broken up about her falling out with Owen than I would have thought. Cristina has always been fiercely independent and super stubborn, so to see her so emotionally raw is jarring. Are you rooting for her and Owen to reconcile?

The show continued down the upsetting path with the Morgan story line. Her baby is barely hanging on and her boyfriend could not be more of a jerk. I could not believe when he said, "We both know this pregnancy was an accident." Ouch.

I'm always surprised when Karev goes into protective mode as he did with Morgan and the baby. 99% of the time he is a complete asshole and every now and then, he shows a glimmer of humanity.

On one final, somber note, I wish I could leap through through the television and hug the chief. What he is going through with Adele is so difficult and you can see his heart breaking as she continues to deteriorate.

I'm a little over Meredith's "I'm the Alzheimer's expert" act, but if she ultimately helps the chief, I'll learn to be ok with it.

On to happy things! I died laughing when Sloan suggested to Kepner that she should help Avery "relieve his stress." Ha! Wasn't it just a few episodes ago they were all teaser her for being a virgin?

My favorite moment was when Bailey pulled Derek aside and insisted he do something about Zola's hair. Ha! I love that little girl, she is just too cute! I want to pinch her!

What did you think of the episode?

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