Gossip Girl: Watch Your Back

Last night's episode of Gossip Girl was epic! It had all my favorites components of a GG masterpiece: high drama, racy hook ups, backstabbing, deceit and of course, intriguing new characters.

The hour revolved around a game of "assassin" which Serena planned for Nate's birthday. Serena annoyed me to no end during this episode. Pretty hair and a pleather t-shirt are not enough sometimes. Now onto things I loved!

Dorota and Vanya get engaged! Cutey cute cute! I hope a future episode involves Blair planning Dorota's wedding, all the while ordering the bride around.

At last, Eric returns! I was starting to get nervous he was never coming back. Apparently he was in Japan? Not only does he get ample screen time, but he has a new love interest, Elliot! Although I get a major creep vibe from Elliot, it was a bit adorable that he went to every single floor in Blair's building to find Eric.

The opposite of adorable is Little J, who was throwing herself shamelessly at Nate. I get that after the break up with Damien the drug dealer she has all these feelings of love and needs to project them onto someone, but how about someone single. Come on, Jenny. Get a grip.

This week brought trouble in paradise for Vanessa and Dan who suddenly found themselves unable to critique each other's work as they once did. They lie to each other about their feedback and then we learn that Vanessa and Dan are applying to the same competitive writing program! Oh snap!

V and Lonely Boy's problems seem trivial compared to the explosion that was the end of Chuck and Blair. I rooted for these two to get together for what seemed like an eternity, but I knew that their romance couldn't last forever (it never does on teen soaps). Much to my dismay, Chuck uses Blair as a pawn in his master plan to regain ownership of the Empire Hotel. He takes advantage of her and plays on all her weaknesses to ultimately get what he wants. And he ruined her memories while wearing that stunning Matthew Williamson dress. Bastard.

I have a feeling Chuck and Blair won't reconcile any time soon. I hope next week's episode focuses on Dorota and Eric's love lives. I discovered this extreme photo spoiler on the CW website:

While we wait for next week, please enjoy this week's Daily Intel recap. They noticed the Bing product placement too! I never took GG for a sell out. Also be sure to check out the comments on their recap, one astute viewer wrote "Blair shows up in an empire waist gown at Jack's room to get back the EMPIRE!" I never would have noticed that! Oh Daily Intel, the gift that keeps on giving.

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