Debbie Downer Visits Seattle Grace

This week on Grey's Anatomy there were several clouds, and hardly any silver linings. Derek and Addison's patient Jen, who had a brain aneurysm, and also happens to be pregnant, needs yet another surgery. Derek, still haunted by nicking the aneurysm in the first surgery, is determined to save Jen, no matter the cost.

In surgery, Derek makes a bold move and begins to remove Jen's temporal lobe in her brain. When that seems to be failing, he wants to remove her frontal lobe as well. Addison, recognizing this will leave Jen with no personality and minimal motor skills, begs him to stop. Derek is a man possessed, and continues barking at Addison "don't touch my patient".

Addison pleads with Derek, alerting him that Jen's baby needs to be delivered, if it has any chance of surviving. When Derek shows his stubbornness yet again, Alex leaves to find the Chief to intervene.

The Chief forces to Derek to stop. Jen dies, her baby lives. When the team of doctors reports back to Jen's husband, he is overcome with grief, which quickly turns to rage. Despite Derek's repeated apologies, Jen's husband begins to yell, "You're a murderer!" into Derek's shamed face. A very difficult scene to watch, but beautiful acted by the husband.

Later on, Jen's husband says his final goodbyes, and is so overcome with grief that he is barely able to walk out of the room. In a raw moment, Karev carries him away from his wife, and out of the room.

Soon after delivering the news to Jen's husband, Derek is on the balcony upstairs when Mark decides it would be a good time to tell Derek about his relationship with Lexi. Earlier in the morning Mark tried to give Lexi coffee as a kind, "I'm thinking of you" gesture, to which she responded "No secret snacks! I want people to know about us".

Mark approaches Derek, still distraught from losing Jen, and announces he is seeing Lexi. Derek turns toward Mark and punches him in the face. This leads to full on, aggressive, on the ground, bloody fist fight that leaves both men battered and bruised. Lexi comes in to check on Mark (who Callie is examining in a near by room) and says "I'm so sorry", to which Mark responds "It was worth it". I am really starting to like these two together!

Over in the clinic Izzie is approached by a woman she and Sadie had diagnosed with cancer last week. The woman storms in screaming that she was misdiagnosed, and she does not in fact have cancer, but anemia. LIGHT BULB! The blood work was switched and Izzie is the one with cancer. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for calling this plot twist last week. Reluctantly, Izzie checks last week's medical records, and sure enough their blood work was swapped.

Izzie examines herself, goes to dermatology to have a growth removed from her back, and has X-rays taken. Towards the end of the episode, still determined to teach the interns something, Izzie puts her films up on the light board and asks her interns to diagnosis the images. I guess next week we'll see what they find.

Back inside the hospital Callie finally works up the nerve to approach Dr. Robbins, their first conversation since the infamous kiss in the bathroom at Joe's Bar. Callie asks Dr. Robbins out on a date and when Dr. Robbins discovers Callie is new to the lesbian scene she says "Awww, thanks but I spend my whole day around newborns, so I try not to in my personal life". OH SNAP! Callie is stunned, and later tracks Dr. Robbins down at Joe's and pleads her case. Dr. Robbins is on a date, and Callie walks away mortified. We shall see if Dr. Robbins decides to give Callie a chance. It can't be a bigger risk than riding around the hospital on wheeley sneakers.

This episode Dr. Bailey continues to pursue a pediatrics fellowship. She asks both the Chief and George to write recommendations. The Chief submits a form letter, while George stresses about how to articulate Bailey's skills. In a last minute clutch move, Addison writes Bailey a recommendation too. Big day for Bailey - great recommendations, and a new, curly hair do. I like it, I like it!

Down in the E.R. a patient comes in with complications from a routine surgery. Christina comments the surgery was done poorly by an older doctor, who shouldn't be allowed to cut anymore, Dr. Campbell. She voices this loudly, and Dr. Campbell appears to defend herself. After several dramatic scenes in which Dr. Campbell tries to put Christina in her place, she does finally realize it is time for her to retire.

Dr. Hunt, who witnessed the interactions between Christina and Campbell all day says to Christina "Someday, 40 years from now, you'll have to stop cutting too". Christina says "You'll have to ply the scalpel out of my cold, dead hands" to which Hunt responds, "I think you are missing the point. I want to be around 40 years from now". WHOA. Hold up. The man has known the emotionless, status hungry, overachiever for only a few weeks and he's already talking spending his life with her? I am all for devotion, but seriously Hunt, slow your roll. There will be plenty of time for those kinds of statements.

Here is hoping next week brings the uncovering of Izzie's medical mystery, a date for Callie and Dr. Robbins, more cute scenes of Mark and Lexi and perhaps the engagement of Derek and Meredith? A girl can dream . . .

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