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I am a huge Jasmine Guillory fan. I first discovered her when she was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, Forever35. I read her book The Wedding Date, and then immediately pre-order her next one, The Proposal. When I learned she had a third book coming out, I pre-order that one too. 

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party is the story of Maddie and Theo, both asked to be in the bridal party for their best friend Alexa's wedding. You may remember Alexa as the lead character in The Wedding Date.

Maddie is a fashion stylist and Theo works with Alexa at the mayor's office. They've never gotten along, and are dreading months of wedding prep together. 

Well, as you might assume, Maddie and Theo fall for each other. And then spend Alexa's entire engagement trying to hide it from her.

For example, at Alexa and Drew's engagement party, they work overtime to try and figure out how they can leave together without anyone noticing. Guillory writes, "Theo held his breath as he walked Maddie down the street to his car. He couldn't believe his luck. It felt like at any moment she'd run back to the house, get a ride from someone else, flag down a passing car - anything to not go home with him. But she walked next to him, so close, but no quite touching him, until they got to his car. Once they got in his car, they looked at each other and laughed. 'You don't think she noticed anything, do you?' Maddie asked him. Theo shook his head." 

As with any romance, they hit some major bumps - Theo sustains a head injury after being attacked at a protest, Maddie doesn't get a TV job she's been vying for - and they start to fight. The tension went on for quite some time, and was starting to get worried they may never get back together. I won't ruin it for you, but let's just say the reunion is worth the wait. 

I follow Jasmine Guillory on Instagram, @jasminepics, and last week she announced her fourth book, Royal Holiday. She wrote, "July was so busy and overwhelming that can you believe I’ve had a box of Royal Holiday advance copies in my living room for a month and I just opened them today? I can’t believe we’re just about a month and a half from you all getting to read Vivian and Malcolm’s story: there are castles and scones, hats and tiaras, kisses under the mistletoe, and two people who never expect to fall in love again, especially not with each other. I hope you all love this book a lot, and stay tuned to my newsletter for a giveaway." 

Guillory's style of romance, set in England? Yes, please! 

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