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Once we'd officially booked our hotel room at the SLS Baha Mar, our next order of business was to do some restaurant research. The resort has over 20 dining options and I couldn't wait to read every single menu. 

Weeks before our departure, I started making reservations. I secured us tables for the first three nights, and left the fourth night open in case something jumped out at us once we were actually there and walking around. 

What I didn't account for, is how many weeks in advance these restaurants book up. In fact, on our second day at the resort, we stopped by the concierge desk to ask for his advice on where to dine on our final evening and he let out a deep laugh before snidely saying, "All of the restaurants are booked through the end of April." 

Rather than admit defeat (which would mean ordering room service), when our final afternoon rolled around, we decided to look again at all the dinner menus, find the restaurant that looked best, and show up there before they even opened. 

At 5:45pm we left our room and walked to the complete other side of the resort in search of Costa at the Rosewood. This setting is unlike anything I have experienced before. The dining room is a series of bungalows, floating over a koi pond. 


We approached the hostess stand, both of us holding of breath, praying they would take a walk in. We gave a name and our room number, and in just a few seconds the hostess said, "Ok, come with me." We had to resist the urge to enthusiastically high five. 

Our dinner table was inside the bungalow all the way to the right in this photo. 


We were escorted to a cozy corner table. How cute is the candy-colored tile? 


This was the view from our seats. I felt like I was in the middle of a rain forest. 


Can we also talk about the light fixtures? Stunning. 


Once we settled in, we began perusing the drink menu. 


We both ordered the Bendita Sangria, which was white rum, white wine, lemon soda and fresh berries. This drink is so perfectly pink. 


Costa offers complimentary chips with three salsas. The chipotle one (in the center) was my favorite. It had a great kick to it. 


Even though we had salsa, we couldn't resist ordering the guacamole too. It was incredibly fresh. 


As we were deciding what else to have, we asked our waiter about something called the poblano and corn capeados. He said, "They are basically like meatballs, without the meat." Intrigued, we ordered them to share. 


These were fantastic. They had the same flavor profile as nachos - crunchy and cheesy. My dinner date commented, "I would say they are more like arancini than meatballs, but without the rice and much lighter." 

I found it cruel there were five on the plate, because it meant we had to split the last one! 

For the main course, my bestie chose the Bonita Tuna, which came garnished with apples, jicama and yellow beets, swimming in a sea of soy sauce. 


After a few bites, I asked for her thoughts on the dish. She shared, "The white bits on the tuna indicate that this is likely farmed fish, not fresh fish. That said, I did really like the apple on top. It gave it a slight sweetness, and helped balance the saltiness of the soy sauce. I wish it had one more textural element to give it a little more crunch. I was also hoping for more beets - there was just three, paper-thin slices." 

I decided on the stuffed poblano pepper with roasted corn, panela cheese and tomato sauce. I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of the best things I've ever eaten. 


The corn and the cheese mixture inside the pepper was so creamy, almost like a dip. The pickled onion and cabbage on top added a satisfying crunch. The smoky tomato sauce was the star of the dish. I encouraged my friend to dip her spoon in and taste it and she raved, "If that sauce came in a soup form, I'd devour it with a big piece of crusty bread." 

As I was eating the stuffed pepper, I kept telling myself to slow down. I wanted to savor each and every bite because it was so unbelievably good! 

When the dinner plates were cleared, our server reappeared to ask if we'd like to see the dessert menu (which of course we did). There were five options, and we selected the cheesecake. It came in a circular shape, rather than the traditional triangle-shaped slice, topped with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream, and garnished with pumpkin sauce, chocolate ganache and a cinnamon crumble. 


The cheesecake itself was surprisingly light and airy, likely because it didn't have a crust. We both loved the ice cream and I was particularly smitten with the chocolate ganache. 

Just when we thought the experience couldn't get any better, the check in came in this adorable painted box. 


It also included a few Bahamian candies (don't mind if we do). 


This meal was my favorite of the entire trip. The setting was gorgeous, the service was superb, and every single dish was a home run. I could cry thinking about how I may never get to eat that stuffed pepper again. 

The craziest part of the entire experience at Costa is that it almost didn't happen. If we had listened to the concierge, and just ordered room service, we never would have had the chance to experience the joy of sharing this meal together. 

This is the final post in my Bahamas series. In case you missed any of the earlier installments, you can catch up here:


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The BEST meal.

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It really, really was. Sigh.

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