Birthday Wish List: Printstagram Gifts

It's hard to remember a time before Instagram, isn't it? It seems like all my favorite vacation photos, beach photos, restaurant meals, BFF pics and snaps of my baby cousins are all on Instagram.

Why should those cherished photos remain confined to your iPhone? Using a website called Printstagram, you can turn your favorite Instagram photos into beautiful gifts.

Forget Shutterfly or Snapfish, use Prinstagram to create stunning photo books. You can lay out 38 pages of memories for just $25 dollars.

If you want to design something with anywhere from 50 - 200 photos, go for the Prinstagram poster. Not only can you place your favorite pictures into the perfect order, but you can also use Printstagram to frame the poster. Each poster is $25 - $35 dollars, depending on size.

If you have a friend or family member who loves snail mail and stationary (hello, me!) you can turn an Instagram photo into a set of greeting cards. I did this after my senior year in college with a beach photo I took in the Dominican Republic. You can customize a set of 36 Prinstagram greeting cards for just $25 dollars.

The most fun and goofy of the Prinstagram offerings is a mini sticker book with 252 stickers made from your favorite Instagram shots. 252 chances to relive your favorite moments, all for just $15 dollars.

I absolutely love the idea of using photographs to put together a one of a kind birthday gift. Prinstagram makes it so easy and the prices are completely affordable.

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*All images courtesy of Printstagram


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