Holiday Gift Guide: For Pets

Today marks the fifth and final installment of the Pop.Bop.Shop. Holiday Gift Guide. I've had such a fantastic time holiday shopping with you.

We're shifting our attention today to your furry friends. Though I personally don't have any pets, I know many of you do and you adore them.

When I began searching for the best pet presents the first thing I added to the must list was this Chevron Lounge Dog Bed from Ballard Designs ($129.00). You know how I love chevron.

Ballard Designs also sells these Dog Head Hooks, perfect for keeping your pup's leash by the door ($34.00). Though they don't have every breed, they do have five popular choices.
You know if I had I dog, that dog would work it. In this winter weather I'd force her into this Plaid Puffer Jacket from Wag ($54.00). It's reversible, so it can also be solid plum. 
While in Paris over Thanksgiving (more on that next week!) I found these dog sweaters in United Colors of Benetton. I mean. Have to. 
Give your pet a new reason to stare at the treat jar with this Isaac Mizrahi Gingham Collection Treat Canister ($18.99). 
Why have regular food and water bowls when you could have a set that asks "Hungry?" and "Thirsty?" These are on sale today too ($18.00)!
For those of you who are cat people, I nearly fell off the couch when I found this DJ Scratching Deck ($34.59). Just think of the photo opportunities that will come from giving this to your feline friend. 
Growing up I wasn't allowed to have a dog or a cat (let's be honest, I only wanted a dog). To appease me, my parents let me get a baller fish tank. Those who have aquariums know it's all about the accessories.

Give your fish a little extra bling this holiday with this Treasure Chest ($8.99). 

If you really want to spoil your fish, send them on a tropical vacation with the addition of this Money Tree Ornament to the tank ($19.99). 
If you have an animal I skipped - horse, cow, pig, chicken, snake, hamster - my apologies! Next year perhaps we'll expand the list of critters.

That's a wrap! Thank you for checking out all five days of the Gift Guide and I hope this helped you discover some gems for the most important people on your list this holiday season.

If there is anything specific you'd like to see in the Gift Guide next year, please feel free to leave that feedback in the comments. 


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