The Bachelor: Taking The Plunge

Can I just say again how excited I am that "The Bachelor" is on twice this week? I have no idea why ABC decided to do this, but it thrills me.

Tonight Sean and the ladies are in Lake Louise, Canada.

Lindsay reads the date card for the one on one date and it's for Catherine.

Catherine's Date

I know this is going to surprise you, but Sean and Catherine's date is my idea of a dream date. They put on snow suits and spend the afternoon playing in the snow on the side of a glacier. I know you all think of me as a such a city mouse, but no one loves snow angels more than me.

For the second part of their date, Sean brings Catherine in a horse drawn carriage to a private ice castle! Again, I am so jealous! They sit on a plush, white, furry couch in front of a blazing fire pit. I own that exact fire pit! You can too, $50 at Target.

During their fireside conversation, Catherine shares that she lost a friend at summer camp when she was 12 years old and she has never taken life for granted since then. She wants a husband and children and she hopes she can have that with Sean.

No surprise, Sean gives her a rose.

Group Date

This group date involves Tierra (here we go again), Sarah, AshLee, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley and Daniella.

Sarah has to take on another physical activity that is challenging only having one arm. Anyone else starting to feel very sad when she gets put into these tough situations?

Sean and the girls canoe across the lake and Lesley jumps into Sean's boat. All the other girls look like they want to kill her, especially when she stops paddling, turns around and just stares at her hunky boat captain.

Part two of this group date is presented by Sean as joining an elite club. Turns out the club is the Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunge. Yes, he wants the girls to go into the water and fully submerge. Sean, you are outrageously handsome, but I would never do that.

Selma decides immediately she's out. She sheepishly asks Sean, "Will you be mad at me?" Um, he's more mad that you won't kiss him.

The girls (minus Selma) and Sean strip down, dive in (Tierra first), submerge and then race back to the robes.

Everyone is celebrating, so proud of themselves and all of a sudden "The Tierra Show" is on again! Catherine and Desiree are watching from the balcony and are petrified not knowing who was taken away in the ambulance. Why can they see the group date?

Tierra winds up in a big, fluffy bed and Sean comes to visit her. He crawls right into bed with her and I still can't understand why he likes her. He did say to her, "You seem to keep finding ways to get extra one on one time with me." Light bulb! There you go, Sean.

For the evening part of the group date, the ladies join Sean at a cozy lodge. His first one one one conversation is with Lesley. They really look like Barbie and Ken.

Sarah decides to show Sean pictures from her childhood and boldly shares, "I'd love for you to meet them someday." Sean then says into the confessional camera, "Meeting the family is a very big deal. Am I ready for that?" Eeek.

Tierra shows up to rejoin the date and the room literally goes silent. Awkward city!

Sean takes Tierra aside for some one on one time. Sean asks her, "What I want to know is, do you want a proposal at the end of this?" Whoa! He is thinking about her at the end?

When Sean has his alone time with Lindsay the first thing he says is, "We can just spend all of this time kissing if you want." After their date last night I was feeling like all they have is physical chemistry and I'm pretty sure I am right.

At the close of the group date Sean gives the rose to Lesley. Thank goodness he didn't give it to "cry wolf" Tierra!

Sending Sarah Home

Post-group date, Sean is feeling uneasy about his conversation with Sarah and her mentioning that she'd love him to meet her family.

Watching Sean break up with Sarah and say he's been "forcing it" was painful. She walked far out on the limb and it just came crashing down.

I am so impressed that she didn't cry while sitting with Sean. She welled, but she never cried. Man, that girl is tough.

When Sarah got in the limo and tearfully said into the camera, "I don't want to be told forever how great I am and what I deserve. I don't want to be told that forever," single girls all over America nodded in solidarity.

Desiree's Date

Sean takes Desiree to the top of a mountain and informs her they are going to repel down to the ground for a picnic. I think it's safe to say I would never have survived this season of "The Bachelor." So many extreme, outdoor dates!

After their picnic, Desiree challenges Sean to a tree climbing duel. A little too saccharine for me.

To close out their date, Sean and Desiree cuddle up in a teepee. Desiree shares with Sean that she grew up in extreme poverty. She lived in trailers, she lived in tents, but she said she never felt she was missing anything.

No surprise, Sean gives Desiree a rose. I think she could be final two.

Cocktail Party 

Sean's first one on one conversation is with Selma. Apparently now she is ready to kiss him. What?

Lindsay is wearing white again! She tells Sean, "I promised myself I wouldn't kiss you this whole time." They basically spend their entire conversation trying not to kiss each other. To make it easier, Lindsay shares with Sean, "I sleep naked." Oh, that's helping.

AshLee gives Sean a blindfold and explains, "This signifies me giving up control and letting you lead me, lead us, in this relationship." I can't decide if this is touching or creepy.

Sean immediately blindfolds her and picks her up. He carries her across a room and plants her on a couch. He uses his new found power to kiss her.

Rose Ceremony

Tonight Catherine, Lesley and Desiree already have roses. There are only three roses to be handed out, and five women still standing. Sean pins the following ladies:

- Lindsay
- AshLee - Thank goodness! Can you even imagine how crushed she would be if she got cut?
- Tierra

Wow. I am not surprised that Daniella is going home (she was too desperate), but I am surprised Selma got the boot. I bet now she is really regretting kissing him on national television.

Sean tells the remaining women they are headed to St. Croix next week. Let the sunset beach make outs begin!


L bomb! AshLee says, "I love you." Yikes! It also seems Tierra is on the war path again. Oh joy.

*Image courtesy of The Bachelor.


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