Gossip Girl: The End Of Bart

Tonight's episode of "Gossip Girl" is the second to last of the entire series. I am devastated. The CW has been advertising "The Carrie Diaries" which is the prequel to "Sex and the City" and will air during  the 9pm Monday time slot beginning in 2013. How can that even compare?

The episode begins with Blair having a nightmare about playing pass the orange with Bart. In the dream Bart keeps calling her Mrs. Bass. Foreshadowing?

This entire hour was about the take down of Bart Bass. At the start of the show, Dan approaches Bart about a recommendation for a condo in his and Lily's building. Nate is meeting with Bart daily, but he reports back everything he learns to Chuck. When Bart finds out Nate is playing both sides, he has him arrested for fraud.

Sage goes to visit Nate in jail and during their alone time, Nate's dad shows up. I forgot about him!

Meanwhile, Blair is heading somewhere in her town car when Bart jumps into the front seat. I honestly thought he was going to hurt her. Turns out, Bart threatens Chuck and tries to exile him to Moscow, Russia.

Chuck boards the Bass Industries plane and tells Blair, "Just have faith in me this one last time." I immediately had a feeling that might be the last time we saw Chuck.

That evening at the Real Estate Man of the Year party, Blair sees that a Bass Industries plane went down and of course, she is alarmed and praying Chuck was not on the plane.

Just as we were about to make peace with Chuck's death, Dan invites Chuck on stage at the gala instead of Bart. Shocker! Bart has him removed and later they wind up alone on the roof of the building. A punch is thrown, then all of a sudden Bart is hanging off the outside edge of the building. He eventually loses his grip and falls all the way down.

In the final moments of the episode Sage encourages Nate to reveal who the real Gossip Girl is and Dan puts an envelope in Serena's suitcase. I'm guessing it's the kind chapter he wrote about her.

In previews for the final episode we see a newscaster report that Bart is dead. Blair and Chuck are hiding from the media, but not from each other. Chuck propose to Blair again and it seems they get married!

We also see Ivy scream at William Van Der Woddsen, "You're the devil!" Can't wait to see what that's about.

Lastly, Serena and Dan are talking and Serena implies that Dan knows who Gossip Girl is and he has chosen not to reveal her.

Tell me loyal Upper East Siders, what do you think is going to happen in the final episode next week?

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