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Last night 90210 returned after a short hiatus and I have to be honest, I had completely forgotten what was happening! Thank you to the CW for that short, two minute refresher up front.

This week Silver gets into NYU and when she goes to the doctor for her physical, her doctor reminds her that breast cancer runs in her family and she needs to get tested. Um, from my memory, her mother Jackie was an alcoholic. Was she also a breast cancer patient? That seemed like new information to me.

Can we also discuss how weird it was that Silver's doctor made no mention of her past mental health problems? I mean, she didn't just feel sad every now and again, she tried to hurt herself. This whole story line seemed super inconsistent to me. The only thing the writers got right was having her decide to be a PA and chase her dream of becoming a film maker.

I was also surprised the writers had Ivy moving on so quickly with this bad boy, graffiti artist. She and Raj broke up about two minutes ago.

I am hating Liam's new girlfriend Vanessa, though her bait and switch reminded me of the antics of Valerie and Gina from 90210 past.

This hour Naomi's story line was a bit outrageous. The sex shop? Really? I did find her breaking a window and climbing into the store pretty entertaining.

I hate Jen and I have always hated Jen. I wish she would disappear forever. She gets more vile with every episode. Though she stood up for Naomi this episode, I am sure that support is fleeting.

Now onto the most delicious new character, Mr. Hillingsworth. Can we have a moment of silence for his beauty?

I like the banter between him and Annie. The scene in the women's clothing store where he makes her buy an expensive item was quite amusing.

At first I thought the writers were setting us up for a romance between the two of them, but then in the final scene, Hillingsworth locks eyes with Naomi (in her leopard print pajamas) and they seem to have a real moment. Are Annie and Naomi now going to fight over him? That I'd like to see. It will be like the Liam love triangle, revisited.

Previews for next week's episodes show all kinds of goofy antics. Are you happy 9-0 is back?

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