90210: Heart Breakers

Tonight's episode of 90210 was all about heart break. First Dixon breaks Adriana's heart when she finds out he chose his music over her. Dixon leaves town to join Haley Reinhart's tour. Oh hello, American Idol cameo.

This hour Ivy's heart continues to break over Raj. Finally! The whole time she was dating bad boy Diego I wasn't buying it. I was happy Annie introduced Ivy to Caleb (the priest) and he encouraged her to plan the Irish funeral at the beach. At the end of the episode Ivy heads into the choppy water, late at night to surf. I know the writers want us to wonder if she'll come out alive. Consider me wondering.

It's heart break for Liam this episode as he finally sees Vanessa's true colors. After he dumps her she runs off with all his money - from the bar and from the production company. Duh.

At the end of this episode Silver finds out she has the cancer gene. After she learns the disturbing truth she seeks comfort with Liam. Since he just downed multiple shots of liquor he's more than happy to heal her wounds. And have sex with her.

Navid returned from Princeton and hoped he and Silver could reconcile. So much for that!

The one happy story line this hour was for Naomi who is now engaged to PJ. Little does she know he's only taking a wife to ensure he continues to have access to his trust fund. How long do you think Annie can keep his secret?

Speaking of Annie, I'd love to see her and Caleb hook up. Maybe he'll be willing to give up the church.

The previews at the end of the episode state that the next new episode won't be until April 24th! I guess they need all that extra time to shoot Naomi's wedding of the century.

*Images courtesy of CW.com.


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