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Everyone loves Target (or Tar-jay, as it's known to some). It feels classier than Walmart, everything's a great deal and it's impossible to leave there without spending $100 dollars. Earlier this week I got an email from Target that included a link to their Tumblr blog, On the Dot. First of all, I didn't even know Target had a Tumblr blog and second, as with everything in their stores, I loved it!

On the Dot is curated by Project Runway judge and Marie Claire editor, Nina Garcia. Target - genius move! Having Nina hand pick her favorite Target things makes the selection seem high end and highly coveted. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get reading!

For starters, the cover page is stunning! This illustration is strikingly beautiful.

Page 2 is called "Nina's Obsessions" and calls out six Target finds that Nina simply must have. I agree with her on the cream colored, super cozy, winter sweater.

Next up, a visual trend report by region. This map shows what's hot in each of Target's major markets. Somehow Boston didn't make the list. A major oversight, clearly!

The next few pages were Nina's picks for the best gifts, broken down by recipient. Here are her picks for your mother:

And her picks for the little munchkin in your life. I have three babies in my life that I am buying for constantly and Target is always my first stop for their presents.

After the gift guides came this page that read, "Merry Christmas to me" with a quote from Nina, "The greatest gift you can give a loved one is a healthy, glowing you." Well said, Nina! I for one plan to be wearing sequins on New Years Eve!

Toward the end, there was a section called "In the Know." This particular page highlighted table settings and how to know your salad fork from your dinner fork.

Next up, the "Beauty Corner." Free make up tips? Yes, please!

The following page was my one of my favorites. Target combed the web for real girls rocking their Target finds and showed off the best of the best! Attention fashion bloggers - you could make this page!

The final page let the reader know that the next issue of On the Dot would be coming January 10th and in addition to Nina's picks, that issue will also include picks from designer Jason Wu! I am obsessed with Jason Wu!

I am literally on pins and needles waiting for the next issue of On the Dot to land in my inbox!

*All images courtesy of On the Dot.


Wow I didn't even know they had a tumbler as well. I'll have to tune into this! Thanks for sharing!

All the stuff looks super cute. With that said, I bought clothes at Target once, and the skirt's zipper broke after wearing it ONCE and the shirt itches. I still can't leave the store without spending 100 either (but not on clothes!) ;)


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