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Ever since I was a little girl I have loved perfume. My grandmother used to keep all of her glass bottles on display on her dresser. Each one seemed so luxurious with its sleek design and colored cap. She kept them on a thin, rectangular mirror, which only made them seem even more special and glamorous. 

In high school, I discovered Clinique Happy, which quickly became my signature scent. In college I switched to Ralph by Ralph Lauren (remember that teal bottle?). Currently I am rotating between three scents - Poppy by Coach, Dot by Marc Jacobs and Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Don't judge the T. Swift perfume, it smells wonderful. 

Scent Trunk

Each morning I spritz perfume on my wrists as my final step in the getting ready process. It instantly makes me feel more confident. That's why I was super intrigued when I heard about Scent Trunk. The company customizes perfume based on your personal preferences and sends a new bottle each month for just $11.99. If you buy perfume, then you know what a bargain that is. 

When you sign up with Scent Trunk, they send you a Scent Test. The day the envelope arrived it was impossible to miss because it was metallic gold! Normally my mailbox is full of bills in plain white envelopes, so this was a delightful change of pace. 

Scent Trunk

The gold envelope seemed to announce itself with trumpets, "Do-do-do-do! I'm here!" 

Scent Trunk

Inside is the Scent Test.

Scent TrunkScent Trunk

The pamphlet inside reads, "Smelling better starts here." The box contains six scents and the packet instructs you to roll each one onto a different area of your body and after a few minutes, give it a sniff.

Scent Trunk

The six smells are citrus, woods, aromatic, floral, amber and chypre.

Scent Trunk

Each of the mini bottles has a number on it with a unique font and style. This was such a cool, unexpected design touch. 

Scent TrunkScent Trunk

Let me tell you, it's difficult to find six distinct areas of your body on which to roll perfume (at least that you can actually reach to sniff!). I would up putting some on the back of my hands, the inside of my wrists and up and down my arms. 

As you roll, wait and sniff, you record your reaction to the smells on the Scent Trunk website. You can mark each scent as love, like or dislike. I liked three of the options, but I didn't love any of them, so I was a bit concerned what type of perfume would be created. 

Once my thoughts were inputted, Scent Trunk got to work on customizing my individual bottle. Less than a week later, a second gold envelope arrived, this time with my signature scent. 

Scent Trunk

I was giddy with anticipation! I lifted the lid from the box and discovered a note describing my new scent. It is called Amber Citrus and the perfumer added a message saying the smells would "transport me to a world filled with rich sophistication." Here's hoping! 

Scent Trunk

The perfume bottle is a very sleek teal (much like the Ralph by Ralph Lauren color of my college days).

Scent Trunk

It's the size of a tube of lipstick (5 ML to be exact). 

Scent Trunk

I nervously pressed down on the spray bottle and pointed it toward my wrist. When I rubbed my wrists together I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the scent. It felt bright, but also warm and rich. 

Scent Trunk

It has top notes of yuzu, lemon and litsea cubeba, middle notes of white woods and base notes of amber and musk. I am really excited to work this into my rotation. 

Scent Trunk

If you're interested in trying Scent Trunk, you should also know that 1.5 percent of all sales are donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. The co-founders explain, "because aromatherapy has long been used in many cultures as a treatment for depression." 

Would you ever try a custom perfume? Have you ever created your own in a store? I'm so curious. 

*This post was created in collaboration with Scent Trunk, a company I am genuinely excited about. As always, all opinions are 100 percent my own. 


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This would be such a fun gift to give!!

Molly's picture

Definitely! I love that you can customize the scent and that the bottle that arrives is so sleek and gorgeous.

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