An Ode to Chet

I have been a loyal fan of MTV's the Real World for as long as I can remember. Although the show first debuted in 1992 when I was merely 8 years old, I have seen all 20 seasons, start to finish, at least twice. I feel giddy when I discover a marathon is on and feel deprived in between seasons. I just can't get enough of this reality TV social experiment!

Over the years, I have had my favorites:

1) Pedro, Real World San Francisco - Pedro had an infectious smile, a huge heart, and was one of the first openly gay people on television. In fact, he got married to his boyfriend on the show. Pedro was an advocate for gay rights, and sadly passed away from AIDS.

2) Sean, Real World Boston - Sean was a lumberjack with a strange accent who goofed off and won over his housemates. He is now married to Real World San Fran alum, Rachel.

3) David, Real World Seattle - David and his military school buddy Nathan were cast together, but David stood out with his smokin hot body and his two colored eyes (one green, one brown). David began a relationship with an MTV producer while filming the show, causing one of the best on-camera (but trying to be secretive) fights of all time.

4) Teck, Real World Hawaii - Teck had the kind of confidence leading him to believe he could do anything. Like jump naked into the pool on the first day in the house. The ladies loved Teck, and you had to admire his game.

5) Jamie, Real World New Orleans - Jamie was the rugged outdoors type, who cleaned up real nice. His housemate Melissa was infatuated (ok, obsessed) with him from day one, but ultimately he wound up smooching Mormom Julie. Thanks for the surprises and the eye candy, Jamie!

6) Danny, Real World New Orleans - Danny had a model body and a mischievous smile that always seemed to say "I'm up to something." Danny was in a relationship with an officer in the military, whose face had to be blurred out in the episodes in which he appeared. Danny showed us the reality of being gay in the military, while winning us over with his BFF-dom with Kelly (who is now married to Scott Wolf!)

7) Alton, Real World Las Vegas - Alton is the Real World's answer to Taye Diggs. Great smile, rockin body, wins over the ladies. Alton woo-ed Irulan away from her NYC boyfriend and we all cheered.

8) Ace, Real World Paris - Ace was a country pumpkin tossed into life in a metropolitan, European city. He missed the comforts of home, and tried to find support (and maybe even love) with fellow castmate Mallory. No matter what Ace did, you rooted for him Aww, shucks.

9) Brad, Real World San Diego - What can I say, I love a big dumb animal.

And now, courtesy of the current season, Real World's 21st installment, I have the perfect specimen to round out my "Top Ten Favorite Real World Men" - CHET from Real World Brooklyn!

Chet is 23, grew up in Utah, is one of 10 children, and was raised in a strict Mormon home. Although he doesn't drink, and doesn't believe in premarital sex, Chet does believe in hilarious pranks, great style, and chasing the dream of working with celebs. Now you are starting to see why I love him.

In the most recent episode, which aired Wednesday March 4th, Chet auditioned to become an MTV VJ. Through out the season Chet has been chasing the dream, and has been given the opportunity to do interviews for websites, all of which he has nailed, including his interview with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who ultimately hooked him up with the MTV casting director (ironic, as Chet is on an MTV show).

Chet's interviews are always witty and clever, and he does his research on everyone he interviews, throwing out cool and interesting facts that always seem to impress his subjects.

Chet agonized over his outfit for his casting audition. He said to his mom on the phone, "It's not so much about where I go, but what I am wearing." Chet, we are soulmates. I couldn't agree more.

I love that despite his conservative background, Chet loves fashion, makes bold outfit choices (he wears glasses despite having perfect vision, is trying to bring back the bow tie, and rocks a hair do that is half faux hawk, half mullet), and is obsessed with celebrities and music just like I am. Its 0dd to identify with someone who is so fundamentally different than you, but what can I say Chet, you hooked me!

Maybe someday, if I become famous, you can interview me on MTV. Deal?

Want to check out Chet for yourself? The Real World Brooklyn airs Wednesday nights at 10:00pm Eastern Time on MTV.


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