Premiere! Real Housewives of New Jersey

Last night was the premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the newest installment of the very popular BRAVO TV franchise the Real Housewives. Previous seasons included: Orange County, New York and Atlanta.

I first heard grumblings that this show was in the works over a year ago. Once it was confirmed, I was practically salivating waiting to watch the 30 minute sneak peak special.

The sneak peak drew me in and left me wanting more, more, more!

Things I learned in the first hour of the show:

1) Caroline is the female reincarnation of Tony Soprano
2) Caroline's oldest son Albie is my future husband. Gorgeous, charming, looks great in a suit, loves his family and attending law school
3) In New Jersey, boobs are called "bubbies"
4) Working for a catering business means you travel 24/7. Just ask Dina's MIA husband
5) If you ever need someone to check out your date across the bar, call Jacqueline, she has the monster binoculars
6) When living in New Jersey, one must decorate their entire house in floral, or other large pattern wall paper

Pearls of wisdom from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their children:

"I hear the economy's crashing, so that's why I pay cash" - Teresa, paying for her $120,000 worth of furniture for her new dream house

"I didn't want to go house shopping, because I just skeeve looking at other people's houses. I don't want to live in somebody else's house, that's gross" - Teresa

"I like that she's a young mom. She's like the mom from Mean Girls" - Ashley, Jacqueline's daughter

"I actually was a model. I worked with the Ford agency. I got to meet a lot of celebrities, or shall I say, they got to meet me. I was engaged 19 times prior to getting married. He was number 20" - Danielle

"I had an American Express black card. I was the only person who had one in the state of New Jersey. I actually got mine before Madonna did" - Danielle

"Its not even a matter of - oh yeah, I want to own a strip club because its the coolest job in the world. Its just recession proof" - Chris, Caroline's youngest son

"Let's run a respectable strip club. One that Mommy can be proud of " - Caroline

"If I had a fat, old Mom, I would hate it" - Lexi, Dina's daughter

"Its very important to keep yourself presentable. Especially as a wife. You don't want to become a mother and let yourself go. I don't believe in that at all. I think you should always be like your husband's girlfriend. Otherwise, he will go out and get a girlfriend" - Dina

Only one episode in, and I am already completely hooked! Bada bing!

To hold you over until next week, check out this great profile of the ladies on


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