Dining Out: Nadi Cafe

When it comes to food, Israel excels at breakfast and brunch. During my recent trip, I had the chance to try a new place in downtown Jerusalem, Nadi Cafe

As you enter the space, you can see into the kitchen through these beautiful glass windows. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

To the right are shelves of freshly baked bread, and to the left is the pastry case. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

While you can certainly grab and go, we decided to sit and enjoy a full meal. 

To begin, my cousin ordered a cappuccino and I ordered a hot chocolate.

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

Many places in Israel make hot chocolate by melting an entire candy bar into a mug of steamed milk. When you do that, this happens (see below), which is pure bliss. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

To begin, our waiter brought us a few slices of wonderfully crusty bread with two spreads: za'atar pesto and preserved lemons. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

These spreads were merely the opening act before the main event! We ordered the "Nadi breakfast" which comes with your choice of eggs, fresh bread, cheeses, vegetables, Muesli and spreads on spreads on spreads. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

When I talk about missing the food in Israel, this is what I am gushing about! This platter had 10 spreads, plus yellow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, a giant block of cheese, a dish of cream cheese and a mini bowl of Muesli. 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

The za'atar pesto, olive tapenade and tahini were my favorites. 

While at Nadi, we also ordered the mozzarella cheese shakshuka. Of all the things I posted on Instagram Stories during this 10-day trip, the photo of this shakshuka caused the greatest flurry of DMs! 

Nadi Cafe Jerusalem

Whoever made this particular skillet was incredibly generous with the dollops of mozzarella, which melted into the dish more and more as we ate it. 

The staff at Nadi were super kind (and didn't make fun of us for ordering more food than could fit on our two-top table). They never rushed us, allowing us to savor every single spread. 

I will be dreaming about this meal until I can return. 


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