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Last week I traveled to Dallas, TX for three days for work. Though I've been to other cities in Texas, this was my first time in Dallas and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't praying for a Mark Cuban sighting. I just wanted him to look me in the eye and say, "And Molly, for that reason, I'm out." #SharkTank 

In preparation for the journey, in addition to wondering if everything really is bigger in Texas, I did little bit of restaurant recon. We were going to have two meals on our own and I wanted to ensure we hit up amazing places. 

The week before we flew, a blogger I follow (Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling) shared that the place she misses most from the year she lived in Dallas is True Food Kitchen. Naturally, I looked it up right away. I started on their Instagram page (@true_food_kitchen) and that was all I needed to see. I was convinced. 

We arrived in Dallas, got our rental and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Aloft Dallas, which I highly recommend. The rooms are enormous, they use Bliss Spa products for their toiletries and the hotel has a pool. You may remember Scout and I did a staycation at the Aloft Boston and we loved it. 

After banging out a few emails in the hotel lobby, it was time to drive to True Food Kitchen.

True Food Kitchen

The restaurant is in a shopping plaza with ample parking, so we had no trouble snagging a spot. It is also directly between Carlo's Bake Shop and Sprinkles Cupcakes, so save room for a second stop! 

Even though we walked in during the height of the lunch rush, we were still seated right away. True Food Kitchen does have a spacious, beautifully landscaped and lush patio, but it was 105 degrees and not even the misters could convince me to sit out there (though the sight of them made me miss Palm Springs). 

Our table was in the center of the dining room, with a view of the bar and the open kitchen. 

True Food Kitchen

I really liked the high top counter seating, perfect for solo dining (as demonstrated by this gentleman on his phone). 

True Food Kitchen

To begin, we were both craving an ice cold drink. My friend went with the sparkling antioxidant tea and I got the watermelon lemonade. 

True Food Kitchen

After a few sips, she reported that the tea had a tangy punch to it. "It's like the clean taste of green tea, mixed with the citrus flavor of lemonade," she said. 

I found the watermelon lemonade to be super refreshing, especially on such a scorching hot day. It's a great summer drink, though I did wish there were actual chunks of watermelon in the glass, rather than having it all puréed. 

There were so many enticing items on the menu that we decided to share everything so we could try more dishes. The first to arrive was the herb hummus, topped with Greek salad. 

True Food Kitchen

It came with a generous plate of pita bread for dipping. We both loved the feta cheese and fresh veggies on top, though we found the pita a bit flimsy and a weak vessel for scooping. 

True Food Kitchen

Next up, the edamame dumplings, swimming in dashi and white truffle oil.

True Food Kitchen

While we both really enjoyed the dumplings themselves, we were bummed not to be given spoons to slurp the broth, which was clearly seasoned with all kinds of tasty elements. It felt like the bowl was 80% broth and garnish, and without spoons, we couldn't get at any of it. 

Our third dish was the charred cauliflower with harissa tahini, Medjool dates and pistachios, topped with fresh dill and mint. 

True Food Kitchen

I loved this! The thinly sliced, candy-like Medjool dates added a divine sweetness to every bite. My friend added, "The char on the cauliflower is great. It added a crispy texture." 

Our final selection was the Korean noodle salad. We had told our waitress we were sharing everything and she went ahead and divided the salad into two individuals bowls. The sweet potato glass noodles were mixed with bok choy, kale, cucumber kimchi, mango, bean sprouts and an almond lime vinaigrette. 

True Food Kitchen

I took one bite and was blown away by how fresh everything was. You could really taste the crunch of the kale, the snap from the cucumber and the juicy slices of mango. No single ingredient overpowered the rest. They each shined brightly with every forkful. 

If I lived near a True Food Kitchen, I would be there often. The vegetarian options are amazing and every single dish is made with exceptionally ripe and fresh ingredients. 


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

This meal looks amazing.

Molly's picture

It was! And I feel like we only scratched the surface with the menu.

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