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Let me begin by saying that the title of this book makes me very uncomfortable. The entire time I was reading it (either on the plane or by the pool) I kept thinking that if I walked by someone holding a book called Crazy Rich Jews, I'd have a problem with it. 

Now that I've said my piece, Crazy Rich Asians is the ideal vacation read. It's like the Real Housewives or the Shahs of Sunset, but in book form. It's so deliciously bad that it's being made into a movie.  

Crazy Rich Asians

Author Kevin Kwan tells the story of NYU college professor Rachel Chu, as she falls in love with one of Singapore's most eligible bachelors, Nick Young. Too bad she has no idea about Nick's fame and fortune, until she travels home with him for a very high-profile wedding. 

The book's tension comes from the ongoing discoveries Rachel makes about Nick, his family's opinions of her as a potential wife and all the jealous, single women of Singapore who have put a target on Rachel's back. 

As I was reading, I already knew the book was being made into a movie and certain scenes stuck out as me as ones that would look spectacular on the big screen, like Nick's best friend Colin's wedding. One of my favorite passages in the book describes the political nightmare that was the seating chart:

"The ushers inside the church raced around in utter panic, since most of the eight hundred and eighty-eight wedding guests were completely ignoring the seating chart. Annabel had been advised on the seating protocol by no less an authority than Singapore Tattle's editirix in chief, Betty Bao, but even Betty was unprepared for the ancient rivalries that existed among Asia's old-guard families. She would not have known, for instance, the the Hus should always be seated in front of the Ohs, or that the Kweks would not tolerate any Ngs withing a fifty-foot radius." 

Anyone who has ever done a wedding seating chart will chuckle through that entire chapter. 

If you're looking for an easy, light book to read on an upcoming trip, Crazy Rich Asians is outrageous and fun. It's like a 527 page long issue of US Weekly. 

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