Movie Musings: Home Again

This weekend I had a truly fantastic Sunday Funday. My friend Stephanie and I planned a multi-stop tour that we'd been looking forward to all week.

The day began at Home Sense, the new furniture and decor Mecca owned by TJX. Though I wasn't in the market for anything in particular, I wound up finding a bunch of great items for my Golden Globes and Oscar parties this winter. 

Next, we zipped over to Assembly Row in Somerville where we had lunch outside on the patio at Tony C's. We shared a crazy delicious order of spinach and artichoke dip and I learned that Tony C's Caesar salad comes topped with onion rings (I didn't hate it). 

After bopping into a few stores, we headed to AMC to watch Reese Witherspoon's new movie, Home Again. The film is written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer, daughter of rom-com goddess Nancy Meyers. Entertainment Weekly called the film, "a bubbly brunch movie mimosa."

The movie opens with a very sweet monologue from Reese's character, Alice, remembering the life of her dad. It's a mix of still photos and music that immediately delivers a strong pang of nostalgia.

The story begins with Alice, living in Los Angeles, single on her 40th birthday. She goes out to dinner with her friends and unexpectedly meets a very handsome young man. 

Home Again Movie

That man is Harry, played by the devilishly handsome Pico Alexander. He quite literally sparkles on screen. His charm is irresistible and he makes Alice blush just by looking in her direction. Harry, his brother and his best friend proceed to take Alice and her girlfriends out for a wild celebration night. 

Harry's two other musketeers are Teddy and George, played by Nat Wolff and Jon Rudnitsky. I couldn't picture Nat Wolff as anyone other than Isaac, his character in The Fault in Our Stars. George's voice reminded of someone else, but I couldn't quite place it. Stephanie said he looked a bit like Toby from Pretty Little Liars. The dynamic between these three young men offer some of the best and funniest moments in the movie. 

As you can likely predict, the chemistry between Alice and Harry eventually boils over and they begin a full-blown relationship.

Home Again Movie

The plot thickens when Alice's husband (they are separated) arrives from New York, looking to repair their marriage. He is played by Michael Sheen, who you may recognize from Masters of Sex. I know him as Aro, one of the vampires in the Twilight movies.

The love triangle sets up some pretty tense (and funny) scenes, but the true magic of the movie is the dynamic between Harry, Teddy and George and Alice and her two young daughters. They become an unlikely family. 

In the final scene of the film, all the characters we've come to love and root for are seated around a table together and I turned to Stephanie and said, "I wish they would make this into a sitcom so we could tune in every week." Both of us agreed we didn't want the movie to end. We needed more time with these characters! 

Home Again Movie

Was the movie beautifully written? No. Was the plot creative and unexpected? No. Did I leave smiling and wanting more? 100 percent. 

Also, keep an eye on Eden Grace Redfield, the little girl who played Alice's youngest daughter. She was positively adorable and has excellent comedic timing. 

Looking ahead to more movies, we saw a few previews for the Thanksgiving / Christmas time frame and I can't wait to see Molly's Game (stars Jessica Chastain, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin) and Marshall (the story of Thurgood Marshall). Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us is in Marshall, proving you can watch him anywhere, anytime, these days. 

Did you see Home Again? Were you as charmed as I was?

*Images courtesy of PEOPLE (1 and 3) and Sensa Cine (2).  


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

I so wish they'd come to me and said, "Stephanie, we'd like you to write a half-hour comedy starting where the movie ends." I could pull out two seasons AT LEAST.

Molly's picture

The possibilities are endless! With Reese's producing power, hopefully it could be possible!

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