Listen: 7 Podcasts to Download (Part II)

Back in October, I shared a list of the seven podcasts I've become addicted to. Since then, so many of you have reached out asking for an expanded list, and well, your wish is my command! 

Before I introduce you to my latest discoveries, let's revisit the original roster:

I still listen to each of the above podcasts every week, minus Last Seen, which wrapped after one season. 

Since the fall, I've added many more shows into the rotation. Without further a do, here we go! 

Boss Files

Boss Files with Poppy Harlow (CNN) - The first podcast I ever listened to was How I Built This, and I found myself really inspired by listening to entrepreneurs share their stories. Boss Files with Poppy Harlow follows a similar format. I find Harlow to be a fantastic interviewer. She does her research, clearly preps before each show, and asks questions confidently.

Favorite episode so far: Glossier's Emily Weiss - Disrupting Beauty. 

Second Life

Second Life with Hillary Kerr (My Domaine) - Imagine How I Built This or Boss Files with a female host, interviewing a new female business owner every week. I just discovered Second Life (through someone's Instagram Story) and I immediately devoured four episodes. Hillary Kerr is a wonderful host - positive, upbeat, inquisitive and genuine. 

Favorite episode so far: Ellen Bennett - Hedley & Bennett Founder and CEO. 

Still Processing

Still Processing with Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris (The New York Times) - A few weeks ago my sister texted me that I had to listen to a podcast all about Michelle Obama's book (if you missed my review, you can read it here). The show was called Still Processing, and it's hosted by two culture writers at The New York Times. I knew of Jenna Wortham - she used to write for The New York Times tech blog, Bits, but Morris was new to me. They have a strong friendship (in one episode they call Morris' sister during the recording and it's clear Wortham knows her really well), and they share the air time equally. They dissect icons and moments that have a significant impact on American culture. 

Favorite episode so far: We R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin. 

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR) - Finding Pop Culture Happy Hour felt like finding my people! The first episode I ever listened to (which is still my favorite) was the 2019 Oscars preview. The entire show was dedicated to predictions for the Academy Awards, and like me, the hosts had raced to see as many nominated films as possible. When one of the women asked, "Did anyone else feel like the first sex scene in If Beale Street Could Talk felt just like the first one in Love & Basketball?" I shouted out loud, "Yes! That is what I've been saying!" 

Favorite episode so far: 2019 Oscar Preview. 

Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson Stirs the Pot - If you're a fan of Bravo TV's Top Chef, then you likely remember Hugh Acheson, the Georgia-based chef who was famous for his unibrow. He's appeared on the show many times since as a guest judge, and loves the power flip now that he sits at Judge's Table.

His podcast, Hugh Acheson Stirs the Pot, is brand new; there are just five episodes so far. In each installment, he talks to a chef about their passion for cooking, their restaurant, what they like to make at home, and what they wish people knew about the industry. Acheson has a voice that is surprisingly perfect for this medium. 

Favorite episode so far: Tom Colicchio Heats Up Leftovers. 

Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard - I have to be honest, I avoided listening to this show for a long time. Anytime I'd be swapping podcast recommendations with someone, they'd say, "You listen to Armchair, right?" I didn't want to just because everyone else was. I was also resisting because each episode is anywhere from 90 minutes to two and a half hours long. What could someone possibly have to say for two and a half hours?! 

Finally, I reached a point where I'd listened to all my weekly shows and I needed something new for my dog walks and my commute. I decided to give Armchair Expert a shot, and I felt like a giant idiot. I had no idea what I'd been missing. 

Despite his goofy persona, Dax Shepard is one of the most curious, well read people I've ever encountered. He has an incredible appetite for learning, and thanks to over a decade in AA, he's committed to honesty and making amends, a combination of traits that has yielded a very compassionate person. Because he is so open and vulnerable, he often gets his celebrity guests to talk about things you'd never hear on the red carpet. 

My favorite part of the show is actually what happens after the interview, when Shepard's producer, Monica Padman, does a fact check on everything that was discussed. 

Favorite episode so far: Kathryn Hahn. 

Paternal Podcast

Paternal with Nick Firchau - Paternal is hosted and produced by Nick Firchau, a veteran journalist and seasoned podcaster. Firchau created the show for men to "discuss the models of manhood that were passed down to them, and how they're redefining those models as they become fathers themselves." Though I am not a man, and I am not a dad, I am a girl who loves her father fiercely. 

Firchau is an amazing storyteller, and a warm, kind, empathetic host. Often, when I am listening to him, I think to myself, "Wow, there really could not have been a better or more sensitive way to ask that tough question." 

You can learn more about Nick in this interview with Lifehacker. Fun fact: he's married to my co-worker!

Favorite episode so far: Daddy, This is a Girl's Penis.

And there you have it, my podcast recommendations - round two! 

Tell me, what shows do you listen to? 

*Images courtesy of CNN, Second Life on iTunes, Still Processing on Stitcher, NPR, Food and Wine, EllenTube and Paternal Podcast


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