Academy Awards 2017: Viewing Party

I look forward to Oscar night all year long and boy was it worth the wait this year! Sunday's Academy Awards were some of the most entertaining yet and as you already know, ended with an epic blunder.

I knew something was wrong when a short, balding man in a headset was bobbing and weaving through the La La Land crowd. For a brief moment I thought it might be part of a Jimmy Kimmel gag, but once I saw the look of concern (or maybe it was horror) on Emma Stone's face, I knew there was an actual problem. 

I feel terribly for the producers of La La Land, who genuinely thought they were celebrating the biggest win of the night. I feel equally badly for the producers of Moonlight who were robbed of the traditional winner announcement and who honestly weren't sure if their win was real because the commotion on stage was so jarring. 

Naturally, the internet exploded yesterday, reacting to the major goof, as well as commenting on the evening's jokes, speeches and fashions. Here are my favorite articles recapping this year's show: 

1. An interview in Rolling Stone with La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz, explaining what was going through his mind while he was on stage.

2. This incredible photo, shot by the Los Angeles Times, of the first few rows of celebs reacting to the announcement that Moonlight had actually won. 

3. Chrissy Teigen taking a nap during the ceremony. 

4. Why Casey Affleck looks homeless

5. Bobbie Thomas on the TODAY Show talking about small tweaks to red carpet styles that would have made all the difference. I agree with every single one of her suggestions! 

6. The most stunning looks from the Oscar after-parties. 

7. 11 Oscar pun recipes. These are amazing and I wish I had seen this before Sunday so I could have made some of them! 

Now, onto my own viewing party recap!

As I said earlier, I plan for the Oscars all year long. I scour the Valentine's Day sales for red items that can be repurposed. I watch the summer entertaining displays for the best paper goods, festive straws and placemats. I pillage the Christmas decor at holiday time for gold chargers, trays and candles. It would be fair to say I am a little obsessed. 

Each year when it's time to start setting up the house for my annual soiree, I like to put a little something on the front door to get people excited from the moment they arrive. This year I hung two oversized movie tickets. 

Oscar Party 2017

Just inside the front door I set up a concession stand, like I have in years past. Remember 2015's popcorn bar?

Oscar Party 2017

This year I put a fun twist on the classic popcorn and candy combo by making concession stand parfaits. I would love to tell you I dreamt this up all by myself, but in actuality, I found it on Pinterest

Oscar Party 2017

The person who made the parfaits on Pinterest used champagne flutes, but that is an amateur move. You obviously cannot fit your entire hand in the mouth of a champagne flute, so I opted for pint glasses.

Oscar Party 2017

I layered the parfaits with candy on the bottom (Mike + Ikes or M&Ms), then a layer of Wise buttered popcorn, a layer of Reeses mini cups (I purposefully put these as the third layer because they are too big to fall through the popcorn cracks) and then one final layer of popcorn.

Oscar Party 2017

These were a huge hit with my guests. I discovered each of them shaking their glass at one point or another to get to the candy they wanted at that particular moment. Next time I'll give them lids for easier mixing! 

Over in the living room I had set up a few things on the ottoman. Everything you see on this tray was purchased in the $1 dollar section at Target.

Oscar Party 2017

These gold polka dot bottles came in a set of four and I knew right away this is exactly how I would use them.  

Oscar Party 2017Oscar Party 2017

I flipped over these gold glitter coasters, a major bargain! 

Oscar Party 2017

On the archway leading from the living room to the dining room I hung a few strands of oversized, Hollywood-themed confetti. These were unbelievably hard to photograph, forgive me. 

Oscar Party 2017Oscar Party 2017

In the dining room I spread out a table cloth with a star pattern, which I found at Party City. 

Oscar Party 2017

What you are about to see is my favorite centerpiece I have ever created for an awards show party, even trumping the movie ducks. I took two rolls of admission tickets (also purchased at Party City) and stacked them, making a regal podium for my Oscar statue.

Oscar Party 2017Oscar Party 2017

This idea is a riff on this Pinterest idea for movie ticket reel serving trays

When I entertain I like to set up my side board as a bar cart. I topped it with this really fun white and gold table runner from Threshold. 

Oscar Party 2017

On the left side I arranged an area for dessert - plates, napkins and forks. I have a slight addiction to colored utensils. These gold forks make me so happy.  

Oscar Party 2017

I added a pop of color to the black and gold scheme with just two red roses.

Oscar Party 2017

On the right side I put out my pop tray (a holiday gift), topped with red champagne flutes. I found these flutes in the Oriental Trading Company Valentine's Day sale. 

Oscar Party 2017

When I was in the grocery store on Oscar morning I was on the hunt for a pretty bottle of champagne. I have a few brands I like, but when I spotted this Chloe label, I knew I had to have it. Doesn't it look like the bottle is dressed for a black tie event?

Oscar Party 2017Oscar Party 2017

In preparation for all the food I knew would be arriving, I put out dinner plates, napkins and forks.

Oscar Party 2017

You may recognize these red forks from my Golden Globes party. What can I say? I love them! 

Oscar Party 2017

As the girls started rolling up, it was time to set up the appetizer spread. While watching the red carpet we noshed on spinach dip (Archer Farms, the best on the planet), sriracha pepper jack cheese, havarti cheese, fresh veggies and Sabra hummus.

Oscar Party 2017

After about an hour we transitioned from constant grazing to a real dinner. My friend Stephanie, Chef Steph as she is called around these parts, made a super tasty Tex-Mex lasagna. I am kicking myself that I forgot to snap a photo! Honestly, I was just so excited to try it. Thankfully you can see a ton of pictures and get the recipe on her blog

A while later, after Mahershala Ali won and Colleen Atwood stumbled her way through her acceptance speech, we were ready for dessert. The evening's spread included chocolate chunk cookies, black and white cookies and red velvet whoopie pies. 

Oscar Party 2017

Anyone who happened to use the ladies room during the party experienced my spruced up powder room.

Oscar Party 2017

A few years ago when I threw a golden birthday party for my 29th (29 on the 29th) my party planner Dustin told me "You must never forget the bathroom." 

When I was hunting for the perfect flowers for this Oscar party, these white hydrangeas called to me. 

Oscar Party 2017

Though the fresh flowers gave the room a beautiful smell, I also wanted to add a scented candle. This candle from West Elm came in a gilded bowl and has the most intoxicating clean linen scent. 

Oscar Party 2017

For an extra dose of star power, I laid out a dish of celestial soaps. I ordered this red dish just for the occasion (thanks, Amazon!). 

Oscar Party 2017

The girls stayed until about 10:00pm when people started to fade. I managed to stay awake until the very end and thank goodness I did, otherwise I would have missed the greatest live TV mix up in history! 

If you are the annual hostess or you are thinking about throwing a party next year, check out my entertaining section for more ideas and follow my Oscar night Pinterest board

Tell me, do you have an Oscar night ritual? 


Stephanie Blackburn's picture

Perfect decor, as usual!!

Molly's picture

Why thank you! Another perfect meal from you!

Katie Hayes's picture

Your party looks fun! I haven't been to an Oscar party in a long time, but I definitely watch every year, and this year I'd seen most of the nominees!

Molly's picture

Hi Katie, the party sure was fun! I totally agree with you, it's way more fun to watch when you've seen at least 2-3 of the nominated movies.

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