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For someone who doesn't work out, I have a lot of sneakers.

My mom and I always say we have our fashion sneakers and our function sneakers. Meaning, we have sneakers meant to look cute and sneakers that are actually designed to support physical activity.

When it comes to kicks, my preference is always New Balance. My dad has been taking me to their factory store in Brighton my whole life. Currently, I have three pairs of 501s in my closet - black and hot pink, purple and teal, and blue and white.

This year, New Balance has upped their style game and partnered with two women's fashion brands to expand their offerings - Kate Spade Saturday and J.Crew.

The Kate Spade Saturday collaboration offers two sneaks, the WX811 and the WX711, both available for $94.99.

The black pair of WX811s has a cat woman vibe to them.

There's also a more colorful option, that reminds me of the Olympic rings. Maybe all this Boston Olympics bid talk has poisoned my mind.

The WX711s come in three varieties. This first one looks a bit like a Magic Eye.

This next pair definitely belongs on the Man Repeller.

I wish I was bold enough to wear this pattern!

The partnership with J.Crew has yielded a color palette that is a bit more subdued and sophisticated. There are two designs, the 620 sneakers and the 696 sneakers.

The 620s, available for $80.00, come in a few different colors. I love the gold salt (below, top).

For an electric burst of color and energy, try the 696s in champagne lime. Hell, buy these just because their hue is called champagne lime. The price tag is $85.00.

I don't know about you, but it's looking like my sneaker collection will be expanding for spring.

Which of these two New Balance style collaborations is your favorite? Have your eye on a particular pair?

*Kate Spade Saturday images courtesy of BostInno, J.Crew images courtesy of J.Crew


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