The Mindy Project: Little Mindy

Last night's episode of "The Mindy Project" brought back two old faces and introduced one new one. Mindy's ex Cliff reappeared in the office elevator and her younger brother Rishi crawled out from his hiding spot. John Cho, of "Harold & Kumar" fame, made an appearance as San Francisco drug dealer Big Murder. You know, because he "killed" it in business school.

I have to say, I felt this episode was lackluster. I didn't really laugh and the story line where Morgan thought Danny was dying (rather than moving to SF) was so predictable.

The highlights of the episode were:

- Apparently Mindy owns a sweater with soft serve ice cream cones on it. I'll be needing that. You can get yours here.

- Mindy's pink ensemble while standing in the office space with Rob - coat, dress, crossbody bag and headband.

- The line, "This is not some two bit family business where you can store your unemployable relatives. This is not Wahlburgers!"

I will say, "The Mindy Project" is getting increasingly better at ending each episode on a cliff hanger.

What do you think will happen next? Will Mindy return to NYC? Will Danny want her to stay in San Francisco? Will the Shulman & Associates crew obsess over the baby news?

*Images courtesy of The Mindy Project Facebook page, Mindy Project Style and @MindyKaling on Instagram

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