Grey's Anatomy: You Don't Get A Lion Tooth From A Genius

Tonight, after an unexplained hiatus, Grey's Anatomy returned. The episode opened with Zola, also known as the cutest toddler on earth, making lion roar noises as she watched a real life lion walk across a busy intersection in Seattle.

The lion story line serves as the basis for the rest of the plot that unfolds. This episode was about fighting, lashing out and toughness.

Let's start with the couple who were attacked by the lion. How sweet was the pep talk the chief gave this anxious, young man? When he said, "You were the hero!" My heart melted a little. The final conversation between the girlfriend and her soon to be ex was hilarious, especially when he screamed, "He should be out roaming the savannah!"

Another couple, Marvin and Emma, were in Seattle waiting to board their cruise to Alaska when they too saw the lion downtown. Their relationship was so touching. When Teddy performed a difficult task during surgery to revive Marvin, I thought that triumph might be the catalyst that finally pulled her out of her funk, but that excitement was short lived when she discovered Emma in the waiting room.

The scene where Teddy goes to tell Marvin that Emma has passed away made my heart ache. That aching continued when Teddy was alone in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and finally said out loud, "I am a widow."

Like Teddy, Cristina is also trying to move on. For weeks she hasn't been speaking to Owen since he confessed to her that he cheated. Cristina is pouring all of her energy into Teddy's research project, which is growing new hearts. Several times during the episode Cristina would just stare at the tiny hearts. The friend I was watching with said, "I bet you she eats one. She is literally going to try and grow her own new heart." Though that didn't wind up happening, I could see it!

Cristina barely says a word the entire episode and in the final thirty seconds she tosses her entire bowl of ramen into Owen's face. He looks at her as if to say, "Well, at least you're kind of talking to me." The previews for next week show both flashbacks to Owen's affair with some curly haired blond girl and Cristina having a total mental and physical breakdown.

On the subject of breakdowns, Morgan is attaching herself to Alex and he has finally had enough. You can always count on Alex for a supreme douche bag speech and sure enough, this episode he delivered. I am curious to see how the writers wrap up the Morgan story line. Any guesses about how she will make her exit?

All episode long we watched Lexi agonize over whether or not to tell Mark she still has feelings for him. Derek even tells her to speak up and when she finally gets the chance, she freaks out. Lexi! When opportunity knocks, you open the door!

I loved Callie flipping out about all the girls Arizona has hooked up with in the hospital. It's a little weird that it's just coming up now, but it was amusing none the less.

What I would really like to know is, where is Bailey's boyfriend? I hate when the writers abandon story lines and then expect us to pick them back up weeks later, no questions asked. Bring back Ben!

I am so happy Grey's is back and that there will be another new episode next week!

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