Dining Out: Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill

Guys, I have to admit something to you. My parents are cooler than me.

While I was in home in Miami over the Thanksgiving break, my parents were so thrilled we would have time to enjoy some of their favorite places together. Normally I am only in town Friday night through Sunday afternoon (barely two days) and those days are spent at family celebrations - holidays, birthdays, baby showers, etc. This trip, I was home Thanksgiving day, plus three bonus days.

On Sunday morning my parents offered to treat me to lunch at their most beloved waterfront dining spot, the Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. See what I mean about them being cooler than me?

I have been to three other Standard Hotels (The Standard - Downtown LA, The Standard - West Hollywood and The Standard at the High Line) and they were all very sceney. The Standard in Miami has traded the sceney vibe for a more tranquil, spa-like tone.

When we entered the lobby, a very elaborate chalkboard design pointed us in the direction of the restaurant.

To get to the restaurant, you walk down a narrow tile path, surrounded by lush greenery.

The hostess stand also rocks a chalkboard sign, this one featuring a tan blond girl with the reflection of the water in her sunglasses. If they had sold this as a postcard, I would have bought one.

Out on the deck there is dining room seating and bar area seating. I love these round, bar high tops with the trees sprouting out of the center.

We were seated on the patio, right along the water.

The candy colored chairs and placemats look like sprinkles on the blue ocean ice cream.

All afternoon boats and jet skis were zipping through this beautiful water.

Since we came on Sunday, we were still able to enjoy the brunch menu.

Every day Lido offers a frozen slush of the day and during our visit it was passion fruit flavored. Who could resist a slush on a brunch menu?

The slush was sweet and definitely had me feeling tropical.

My dad ordered a cocktail called the Buddha in Brazil. It was a mix of Cachaca, ginger beer and Siracha bitters. He said, "This blend of flavors was tangy with just the right hint of spice." (Side bar - my dad humoring me and describing his food/drink is the cutest thing ever).

It was a bit windy that day, so my mom ordered a pot of tea. The petit tea pot was a bright coral color, the perfect match for the ocean blue placemats.

While we looked over the food menu our waiter brought us a basket of pita chips.

My mom has several food allergies so she was peppering the waiter with questions and he answered each one patiently and with a smile. He was very knowledgeable about the ingredients and the preparation of each dish.

She ultimately decided on the salmon crepe. The presentation of this dish was gorgeous!

After a few bites, my mom shared, "It is so rare to have a dish match the menu description so accurately. This crepe was light and crispy and accented with a schmear of tzatziki. The salmon was delicious, the egg was perfectly cooked and the arugula added a nice peppery flavor."

My dad went with the brunch special - steak and eggs with sweet potato hash and onion rings.

When he was finished, I asked for his summation, "The steak was expertly cooked to medium rare. The onion rings were lightly fried and the egg was a great topping. The pepper aioli on the steak was a nice, spicy finish. My only criticism would be that the sweet potato hash could have been cooked a little longer."

I had a very tough time deciding on my lunch choice because the menu had so many great vegetarian offerings. I finally selected the veggie burger.

This veggie patty was made from brown rice and mushrooms and almost tasted like having Mexican black beans and rice on your burger. The patty was a bit dry without any condiments, so I added a light layer of mayo.

The burger was served with tater tots which came in an unusual preparation. They were more like tiny cubed hash browns. Though the size and shape was unexpected, they were very tasty.

Our lunch at the Standard was such a treat. The views are spectacular, our server was charming, kind and knowledgeable and most importantly, the food was great. As an added bonus, when you valet park your car (you have to), you can text the desk when you're ready to leave and they'll have your vehicle waiting for you.

On your next trip to Miami, be sure to make time for a meal at Lido.


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