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Hello, friends! I came home last night around 10:00pm from a business trip to North Carolina and this morning at 6:00am I boarded a plane to head to a client meeting in New Jersey. But, I love our weekly Grey's Anatomy dish session so much, I decided to stay up and watch the episode so we could share thoughts together this morning!

Since I'm running on very little sleep, this week I'm doing a Cliffs Notes version.

Norris and Harriet are the cutest 

This week's primary patient story about an elderly couple who survive a fire in their apartment building was so touching. Did it remind anyone else of "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks? (Or the movie if that's all you know of it). The scene where they first come into the ER and Norris won't let go of Hatty, oh man. That was emotional!

Amelia's a junkie 

When Norris and Hatty's daughter arrives to the hospital and sees Amelia is their doctor she freaks out and starts screaming that Amelia is a junkie, she's hooked on Oxy and she woke up with her boyfriend dead in the bed next to her. Last week a bomb drops about Dr. Herman having a brain tumor and this week Amelia has a dead boyfriend? Jeez!

Derek's the worst brother ever 

Derek gets two chances to defend Amelia, first to the patients' daughter and then to Owen. It takes until moments before they are about to fire her at the board meeting for Derek to finally show up and make it right.

What was with the flashbacks to a robbery in a convenience store? Is the person who got shot Derek and Amelia's dad? Did we know this story line and I just forgot it?

Never rip on your boss without first checking if she's in the room 

Stephanie and Jo are in the ladies room, talking their way through an upcoming procedure. Jo says, "See, I've got this down and I'm not afraid of little bitty Dr. Bailey." And then voila! Bailey appears from behind a stall door.

This is seriously my worst nightmare. Anytime I have a conversation with a coworker in our office bathroom I always look for feet under each stall before I say a word about anything.

Maggie's on the brink of becoming a cat lady 

In a short scene toward the end of the episode, Maggie admits to Meredith that she was really disappointed about the dinner that never wound up happening at Mer and Der's house. She confesses, "I was really excited for pot roast. And people. I changed my outfit four times!" She also whispers that she's one step away from getting a cat. Ha!

Winter finale 

In the previews for next week, apparently this is the last episode of 2014! Can you believe it? It also looks like Stephanie finds a problem with April's ultrasound. How awkward! I sometimes forget she used to be with Jackson.

Do you think the conversation April and Jackson had in tonight's episode about God's plan is going to come up again when they learn something is wrong with their baby?

*Image courtesy of the Grey's Anatomy Facebook page.


Yup, that's Derek and Amelia's dad in the flashbacks and we did know about it. Or at least I remember so it could be an old Grey's thing or from Private Practice (where the whole Amelia drug addict thing is a big part of the show). I like that Maggie and Meredith seem to be doing better.

I never watched Private Practice so maybe I missed that story line. So glad you remembered!

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