Gossip Girl: Pretty In Pink

Hello, my Upper East Siders! Sincere apologies for leaving you recap-less last week! Have no fear, I am back in GG action!

I could waste time talking about this new Charlie girl or Reina's search for her long lost mother, but I would rather obsess over the gorgeous fashion on display at the pink party! Didn't that whole scene make you want to throw a pink party of your own? Rose colored champagne, sugary confections and one incredible dress after another!

I lust for Lily's bright pink, fitted, one should number. Did you notice in the back, the thin strap coming off the one shoulder? Delicate and stunning.

I also loved Serena's textured mini dress. Though couldn't she have paused to brush her hair?

My absolute favorite dress was Blair's. She looked like those cupcake dolls I used to see commercials for as a kid. The cupcake wrapper turned inside out to become the skirt of a beautiful doll. Remember?

I adore Blair and Louis together. His French accent makes me melt. I love that he sent her shoes! Do you think they will last? Is Blair just using Louis to get over Chuck?

In previews for next week's episode Blair faces off against Louis' disapproving family and it's Chuck vs. Louis in a fight for Blair's heart. Yes, please!


I was fixated on Serena's unkempt hair as well! It was all I could look at!

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