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There I was doing my morning Facebook stalking when I came across a link from in my newsfeed. The article title read, "L.L. Bean Tote Bags Made From 2013 Fenway Park Tarp To Go On Sale Sept. 20." Of course I had to read on.

As it turns out, L.L. Bean acquired the tarp that protected the Fenway Park infield during the 2013 baseball season (you remember all those rain delays) and that exact tarp was used to create 3,000 limited edition tote bags.

Steve Fuller, L.L. Bean's Chief Marketing Officer told, "The tarp comes back from Fenway so dirty that we actually rent an airplane hanger and hire a tent cleaning company to come in and clean the tarp, then we bring it into the factory to be stitched into bags."

In addition to being made from the tarp (which is cool enough on its own), the bag also features the official Red Sox "B." In this video interview, Fuller explains that this was the first time the company has partnered with Major League Baseball on a Red Sox bag design.

The best detail on the bag, in my opinion, is the handles. The handles are that famous Red Sox red and along each handle are all the years the Red Sox have won the World Series. How awesome is that?

I could so easily see this as a bag you carry on your daily commute or the bag you toss your stuff into for a weekend away or even as your beach bag for next summer.

So how do you get one?

Well, the bags go on sale on Saturday September 20th (next weekend) at 9:00am ET in seven locations. Six L.L. Bean stores: Freeport, ME, South Windsor, CT, Burlington, MA, Dedham, MA, Mansfield, MA and Natick, MA. The seventh location, lucky number seven, is at the Yawkey Way Store, right across the street from Fenway Park.

The bag retails for $59.95 and 20% of the net proceeds are being donated to The Jimmy Fund.

Will you wake up to get your hands on one?

*All images courtesy of the L.L. Bean blog.


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