Birthday Wish List: Be There In Five Mats

Today, in the 10th installment of the Birthday Wish List, we're talking about gag gifts. Sometimes the best present you can give is one that makes a friend laugh.

One of my most recent discoveries is an Etsy shop called Be There In Five. Kate, the Chicago-based owner, makes door mats, bathroom mats and kitchen mats with hysterical phrases on them.

The first one I ever saw was this gem:

I love it. I need it. I want to give it to everyone!

For those of us who need constant reminders not to set the house on fire, this mat is also a must:

Adorable and practical. Win-win.

After major success with her door mats (she regularly sells out on Etsy), this week Kate added two new mats, both kitchen designs. This one kills me:

Ha! I would stand on this while eating my dinner over the sink. Duh.

Surely you must have a friend who is the perfect person to receive one of these mats for her birthday.

The door mats are priced at $40 dollars and the kitchen mats are $45 dollars. Each mat is hand painted by Kate. Because of the care and attention given to each and every mat, Kate asks that you order 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure it arrives on time for the occasion.

Do you love these mats as much as I do?

Catch up on the full Birthday Wish List series below:


these are so fun! great discovery

Aren't they? They just crack me up!

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