Giveaway: YAK Apparel

It's cold.

Really, really cold.

I don't know about you, my fellow Bostonians, but I am ready for spring! In the last three weeks I've been shivering while I wait for the bus, unable to walk to work without wearing gloves, living in my Snuggie while at home and I've added two extra blankets to my bed.

Thankfully, my friends at YAK Apparel are here to save the day! YAK Apparel is based here in Boston and their beanies, head wraps, fleece lined hats and faux fur lined hats are all made from real wool and natural, sustainable materials.

Each piece is handmade by women in Nepal in a cottage industry that truly supports these women and their families.

YAK Apparel is sold in over 2,000 stores in the United States, but you aren't going to have to step into a single one of them because you can win a YAK hat right here, right now.

I knew the YAK Apparel folks and I were a perfect match when I saw their catalog. They market their hats by putting them on models in sequin dresses. Hello, soulmate. I'm no ski bunny, but I sure do like to look cute while I sip my hot cocoa at the lodge!

Of all the YAK Apparel styles, I was immediately drawn to the purple women's pompom trapper hat. I love the combination of the pink and purple wool with the dark gray faux fur.

The pattern in the wool is fun and very well made.

Look how cozy the fur is!

This particular YAK Apparel hat is perfect for me because it goes with every single scarf I wear with my black puffer coat. I have about 25 scarves, but here are three of my favorites:

Are you ready to rock a YAK Apparel hat with your coat?

To enter to win simply leave a comment below letting me know the first place you will wear your hat. 

The giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday February 12th. The winner will be announced Wednesday morning February 13th.

Good luck and stay warm!


As you know, I am obsessed with wool hats and never feel like I have enough. I could see wearing this hat on my walk to the T every morning (in place of my beloved white beanie), but what I'd be more excited about is wearing it on my drive to the mountain. Sadly it won't fit beneath my helmet, but it would look so cute before and after a day of snowboarding, no?
Love this giveaway!!!
xo ~Steph

I would wear it during recess duty when I have to stand outside for 30 minutes watching kids play (and making sure they don't hurt themselves or each other) in the freezing cold and wind! The faux fur looks so cozy and, Molly, you know I LOVE purple and pink (you've seen my room).
Fingers and toes crossed,

Molly, I LOVE this hat!! If I win, I'll be wearing it on my super cozy (but cold!) romantic Valentine's Day weekend surprise trip that I have planned. My boyfriend has a life long dream to see a moose - so I've planned a bed and breakfast weekend up in Pittsburg, NH where they have thousands! To anyone reading this who knows him - shhh!! :)


I never knew YAK was a local Boston company. The more you know! This warm, snuggly and super cute hat would help motivate me to get out of bed early on those cold, dark winter mornings and hit the yoga studio before work!

I'd wear it in court....or when I'm Tal-skiing...or I'd give it to my choose.

I would definitely wear this hat while walking my dog, horseback riding, skiing, jogging outside, on chilly boat rides with my dad, and so much more!

how fabulous! If I'm the lucky chosen one, I'd wear this stunner as I continue to train for my very first (and very ambitious) half marathon! It's not until April but since my cardio has taken a backseat lately, I've been training for 3 weeks now. It gets mighty cold running along the water, so I would love to have this to stay snuggled. Adore the light pink wave pattern around the hat... good luck to everyone!

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