Grey's Anatomy: My Best Friend Is A Mean Girl

At the end of last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy the preview for tonight's installment seemed like it would be sexy and steamy. I was looking forward to the change of pace, as the last few episodes have been slow and kind of heavy.

Much to my disappointment, tonight's episode was more of the same.

The major issue of the hour was Dr. Bailey's increasingly noticeable OCD. Ben confided in Derek that he's witnessed her freaked out in surgery and Derek reported that to Owen. This resulted in Owen showing up to Dr. Bailey's OR and testing her to see if the reports were true. She tensed up and walked out of the room. I said this last week but, I really feel like Bailey's character can never catch a break.

Across the hospital Cristina is complaining to Alex that she needs a man. She says, "Everyone should be getting laid. I should be getting laid. My work suffers when I'm not. It's bad for humanity!"

Later, Shane offers to help Cristina satisfy her needs. You can tell she's thinking about it.

At the close of the hour, Shane stands up for Cristina when Meredith throws down the gauntlet over the 3D printer. When Meredith leaves the room, Cristina grabs Shane's face and kisses him. Finally!

Also in the romance department, Emma is now at Grey Sloan Memorial and she wows everyone on her first day with home made muffins. Her cooking skills turn into Meredith asking her to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal at her house.

Callie and Arizona are back under the same roof, but Arizona's on the couch. Stupidly she decides to confess to Callie that she slept with someone while they were broken up. While Callie, Arizona and Murphy are all in surgery together Callie figures out that Murphy was the other woman. Yikes!

Lastly, Kepner talks to Stephanie about her upcoming wedding saying she will be invited with a guest. She later tells Jackson he isn't invited. Kepner weirdly says to Jackson, "I can't go through with this if I don't have your blessing." He replies, "You have it, but I don't think I should be there."

Is it just me or is the chemistry between Jackson and Stephanie the least believable connection on the show? I just don't buy it.

In the final scene of the episode, Meredith is griping to Derek about Cristina and says, "My best friend is a mean girl. I never cared when she was mean to other people, but I never thought it would be me."

This makes me question how Shonda Rhimes and crew are going to write Cristina out of the show by the end of this season. Is Meredith going to push her away?

What do you think?

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