The Bachelorette: Justin Is The New Vienna

Last night I was at an awards ceremony for work so I was not only unable to watch The Bachelorette with my usual viewing buddy, but I didn't start watching until 10:oopm! Here are my quick thoughts on last night's episode:

- My viewing buddy called it last week when she said "Justin is the new Vienna" and this week Ali said that herself! Justin is officially the most hated man in the house. And oh boy did he stir the pot by hobbling to Ali's place without telling anyone.

- It had been bothering me who Hunter reminded me of and last night during his one-on-one date I realized it! He is a mix of British pop star Robbie Williams and Red Sox GM Theo Epstein! Right? Dead on. I liked him very much during the first episode, but I see why Ali let him go. That hot tub scene was AWKWARD.

- Roberto. What can I say? You're perfect. Although I believe 100 percent that kiss on the tight rope walk was scripted.

- Kirk! You rising star! Ali loved making out with you while filming the BNL video and she gave you the rose on the group date! Now maybe next week you two can actually have a conversation.

- Weatherman. You cried? About having to kiss the girl you are trying to win over? Really. How did you last another round?

Looking forward to next week when Ali and her suitors begin their adventure traveling around the world!


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