Grey's Anatomy: The Fork

Earlier this week a friend asked me, "Do you think this season will be the last for Grey's Anatomy?" I was perplexed by the question because I can't imagine a time when there won't be new episodes. I replied, "Well, this is the last season with Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang," and she fired back, "Exactly, so either way, it's kind of the last season. It will never be the same without her."

That conversation got me thinking about how Cristina Yang will make her exit from Grey Sloan Memorial. Will the wedge between her and Meredith drive her away? Will Shonda kill her off?

Tonight the tensions between Cristina and Meredith continued to grow. Meredith was focused on her 3D printer project and Cristina and Shane wanted to use the machine for their current patient. Originally Cristina told Shane they had to back off, but in the final two minutes of the episode we find out they broke into the research lab, stopped Meredith's experiment and began there own. Uh oh.

On the patient front, Alex was caring for a teenager with tumors all throughout his abdomen. He bonded with him over video games and when his first surgery wasn't completely successful, Alex went out of his way to make the pediatric unit feel more like home - no kids art work, extended visiting hours for friends and no rounds before 11:00am. I love when we get to see the compassionate side of Alex.

The story line that had Derek and Jackson chasing down the man with the twitching eye reminded me of the early episodes of Grey's with Derek, Sloan and Addison all trying to one up each other.

This hour the Chief showed tremendous signs of progress in his recovery. He leapt into action when his hospital neighbor (the room next door) collapsed outside his door. Anyone else recognize the patient CJ from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

I couldn't help but laugh at the back and forth between April and Matthew this episode. Premarital counseling with a priest? A candle lit apartment for their first time together? So provincial.

The new relationship between Owen and Emma continued this week with Emma being interviewed for a position at Grey Sloan Memorial. I loved how Callie grilled her. Too bad Emma refused to join the team.

The most disturbing development this hour was Bailey's anxiety. During surgery it looked like she was about to pass out and at night she's staying up late cleaning and counting. Are we going to find out she has OCD? Hasn't this woman been through enough?

In previews for next week Callie is on trial for malpractice. This should be interesting!

What do you think about my earlier question - how will Cristina wind up leaving the show?

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cristina is leaving? BUMMER!

Yes! I know, total tragedy. Each episode I am constantly asking myself, is this the beginning of the end?

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