Dining Out: Kadosh

During my Israel trip I spent my last meal in Jerusalem with my cousin at a place called Kadosh. You can spot the French cafe by its white umbrellas casting some much needed shade on the sidewalk.

Kadosh is located in downtown Jerusalem on Shlomtzion Hamalka Street, near the Old City and the Mamila shopping mall.

From the patisserie sign in the window I knew at the least very we'd be in for delicious bread.

Sure enough, as soon as we walked in we approached an entire table and counter covered in freshly baked sweet and savory breads.

I could have stopped right there. They had me at the bread table.

The Kadosh cafe was packed! Every single table indoors was taken and we got the last one, the corner booth in the back.

To start, my cousin ordered ice coffee, which came extra chilly and frothing.

I went for freshly squeezed mango juice which was a brilliant color.

We started with a basket of rolls, crisp on the outside and nice and doughy on the inside.

For lunch, my cousin ordered the crispy salmon sandwich which was a toasted croissant, stuffed with a poached egg and lox. How good does that look?

Her sandwich came with a side salad, which was topped with pine nuts and craisins.

I ordered the Kadosh salad which was covered with walnuts, pine nuts and freshly grated cheese.

If you're wandering around downtown Jerusalem and need to refuel, Kadosh is the perfect spot. You can sit down for a full meal or just get a drink or sweet treat to go.

Don't you worry, I bought one of those loaves to take home to my hostess. She and her hubby were thrilled.

Where did you eat this weekend?


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