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As I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent a week in Las Vegas for work. I was there with a coworker to staff a conference and we stayed at the same hotel as the event, Planet Hollywood. On our second day in town we had about one hour for lunch so we jetted out the door and headed about one block down the strip to the Sugar Factory.

The Sugar Factory plays very loud pop music that you can hear blaring as you walk by on the street. Inside, the vibe is just as loud with bright colors, huge floral arrangements and bling.

The bar, which is in the center of the space, is back lit and changes color from red to blue to green to yellow and back.

The dining room has these massive chandeliers hanging over an otherwise dark space. Black and red is a very popular color scheme in Vegas.

From the street we had spotted on empty table on the balcony and we ran inside to the hostess to ask if we could have it. By some miracle, she agreed.

This was the view from my seat:

That is the Bellagio across the street. For those who have been to Vegas, yes, you could see the entire water fountain show from our seats.

The Sugar Factory menu is much like The Cheesecake Factory - page after pages of choices.

I started with a glass of tropical ice tea which had a really nice fruit flavor.

We were quite hungry so ordered the fried mac and cheese bites as a starter. They came in a basket with newspaper print paper. Each piece was expertly fried and they came with a vodka sauce for dipping. Yum!

We each chose a salad for our main course, my coworker going with the Mediterranean salad. In addition to fresh, crisp, finely chopped veggies she also got four slices of pita.

I ordered the Sugar Factory signature salad which was greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, gorgonzola cheese and what I think is dried apple wedges.

We had a lovely, quick lunch with a superb view, but that's not all! On the opposite side of the dining room, Sugar Factory has an enormous candy store. Look at that bronze cupcake! My kind of place.

We swore we would come back to the Sugar Factory to buy treats for our nieces, but we never made it back.

I have many more Vegas reviews to come. Looking forward to sharing more eats and attractions with you!


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