Dining Out: Slate

A few days after snow storm Nemo a friend and I ventured through the snow banks of the Financial District to try a new bar called Slate.

Slate's storefront is monogramed with glowing "S" letters. These remind me of the signage at the S & S in Inman Square in Cambridge. 

It was about 6:30pm on a Monday night and we didn't have to wait for a table. The hostess seated us in a corner booth in the back.

The Slate menus are very sophisticated and they look great paired with the crisp white and blue napkins.

We each started with a glass of wine, Malbec for her and Kim Crawford for me (surprise, surprise). The wine was served in stemless glasses which seems to be a new trend.

Rather than each order totally different meals, we decided to share a few plates, starting with the pear salad.

The salad was a generous portion, providing enough for each person to have two generous heaps of leafy goodness. The toasted walnuts were delicious and it had just the right amount of dressing, a cider vinaigrette.

The ledge flatbread arrived on a wooden cutting board and was topped with bright green arugula. Though the crust was the right amount of crisp, overall the flatbread was underwhelming. I think it needed either more cheese or to be in the oven for less time.

We couldn't resist the butternut squash arancini. I love arancini and order them any chance I get.

Though the flavor of the butternut squash and the sage was terrific, the fried shell tasted too greasy and ruined the dish.

On the side we ordered the Brussels sprouts with bread crumbs which were undercooked and way too firm.

Before we even had a chance to order another glass of wine or ask about dessert, our waitress brought us the check. This is a major pet peeve of mine. It was also a missed opportunity on her part.

Despite the lackluster food and the disinterested waitress, Slate was playing great music all night long that was straight off of my 8th grade playlist: Nelly, Ja Rule, J. Lo, Kanye West and more.

With all the great restaurants choices surrounding my office, I wouldn't visit Slate again.

Have you been? What did you order?


Molly Galler

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