Dining Out: Foumami

I feel like a broken record, but I love my job. In addition to all the reasons I love it professionally, I also adore being in the heart of Boston's financial district and close to many friends who work in the same neighborhood. This downtown location and proximity to friends has allowed me to meet people for lunch and go on culinary explorations mid-day.

Today I met a friend for lunch at Foumami which is on the bottom floor of the skyscraper at 225 Franklin Street in Post Office Square. My friend had been there before and thought I would love it.

When you enter Foumami, the menu board is above the cash registers. You order at a counter and then wait for your food at the far end.

Also at the counter, you can find a variety of Asian snack foods. I remember Pocky from elementary school!

The menu had so many vegetarian options it was hard for me to choose!

We started with two ice cold drinks. I ordered the green tea and my friend ordered the lychee tea. It came with fresh lychee fruit in it!

To start, we shared two appetizers. The first was the vegetable gyoza. It came in very sweet packaging which would be easy to take back to your desk. The gyoza were cold which I wasn't expecting, but the flavors were amazing!

Next we had a shaker full of edamame. Again with the cute packaging! Edamame are so addicting! I don't even care that they are slightly embarrassing to eat.

For my main course I ordered the sesame noodle salad. I just wanted the noodles, but it came on a huge bed of mixed greens. I am going to use the greens for a salad tomorrow.

My salad came with a side of scallion pancake. This is my most favorite Chinese food item, but this pancake was cold and hard to bite into it. I was so disappointed.

My lunch date ordered the spicy tofu sandwich. She said the spicy mayo had a serious kick, but that's why she orders it. I must admit, it looked pretty awesome.

Foumami is a breath of fresh air amid all the downtown sub shops and soup/salad/sandwiches places. Visit yourself at 225 Franklin Street.


Those lamps are the same as the ones at the Liberty Hotel's Scampo! http://www.libertyhotel.com/food_and_drink/scampo.html

Funky place! That tofu sandwich looks excellent


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