Movie Musings: 2 Days In New York

While on vacation in Miami, my sister and I decided to watch a movie on demand. After flipping through pages of titles I convinced her we should pick "2 Days in New York" which I had just read about. The movie is written and directed by Julie Delpy, who is also the star.

In the film, Julie plays Marion, a woman recently separated from her baby daddy. Marion finds comfort in Mingus, a co-worker who becomes her live-in boyfriend. This new boyfriend is played by Chris Rock.

Marion and Mingus' domestic bliss is disrupted when Marion's father, sister and her sister's irresponsible boyfriend visit from Paris and take over their Manhattan apartment. Marion's father is played by Julie's real life father, Albert Delpy.

What I wasn't expecting was how much of the movie was in French. More than half of the movie has subtitles. Anytime Marion is speaking to her father or sister, they are speaking in French.

For me, the star of the movie was Chris Rock. I am so used to seeing him as this over the top comedian and in this film he shows tremendous restraint. In this part he's a neurotic personality, a bookworm, a Barack Obama devotee, a dedicated father and a doting boyfriend. His is subdued and it really works.

My sister hated the movie, but I loved it! The characters are flawed and the story line is messy, but it's all real. Family visits are intense, starting a new relationship when you have children is difficult and being surrounded by people speaking a language you don't can drive a person crazy.

"2 Days in New York" is an honest slice of life. If you're looking for a predictable story line and a happy ending, skip it.

Have you seen any of Julie Delpy's other movies?


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