Dining Out: Saus

I have been wanting to go to Saus on Union Street in the Faneuil Hall area since it first opened. A place that specializes in Belgian frites and waffles? What's not to love about that?

Saus is located on Union Street right next door to the Union Oyster House and the Bell in Hand. Genius location for a place that serves fried food.

When I put my hand on the door I noticed the very cute chalkboard welcome sign.

For a place that serves fried food, Saus is incredibly beautiful.

I love the dark wood, the orb light fixtures and of course, the colored chalkboard menus.

In addition to Belgian food, Saus also promotes Belgian pop culture, which includes photos of Tin Tin!

Tin Tin's face is even on the counter!

I stood at the counter for quite some time trying to decide what to order. Choosing to order frites is a no brainer, but selecting dipping sauces, especially with so many tempting choices, is quite difficult.

I eventually decided on frites with the Saturday night chive sauce and the ole chipotle sauce.

The frites were fantastic! They were cut thin, they were crispy and they were coated in salt. They came in a fun, branded, paper cone.

I loved the Saturday night chive sauce. It tasted like chive infused sour cream. I thought I would love the ole chipotle, but I wasn't a fan.

I also ordered the veggie croquettes which were golden brown with the perfect crunch.

The inside was piping hot and bursting with veggies - potato, cauliflower and carrots. In fact, I wish the center had been all one consistency. I didn't like the sharp snap of the carrots inside the fritter.

My friend ordered the veggie croquette pocket which was the croquettes inside a pita with lettuce, parsley vinaigrette and topped with the house's Samurai sauce. She said the flavor combination was perfect, but she wished the Samurai sauce had been on the inside and at the bottom of the pita, not just on the top.

Her sandwich also came with frites, making for a perfect meal. She chose the cheddar duvel sauce which she liked, but she admitted if she were to come back, she'd like to try another sauce instead.

Though the frites were a huge hit, I was really looking forward to the Belgian waffle.

The waffle came hot and dusted with powdered with sugar.

There are four choices for sauces and in the name of research, we had to try all four. There was nutella, lemon cream, berry berry and salted caramel.

The nutella sauce reminded me how much I love this chocolately, hazelnut spread. Wow.

The lemon cream was tart and refreshing and helped cut the sweetness of the waffle.

The salted caramel sauce was the stand out. You could taste the granules of sugar with every dunk. I had to talk myself out of eating the sauce with a spoon and licking the little plastic dish.

The last sauce, the berry berry, was a disappointment. It was actually too textured.

Moral of the story, chocolate and caramel win over fruit every time.

The Belgian fried specialties at Saus are decadent and super crave-able. We dined around 6:30pm and enjoyed it, but I am positive if we were eating it at 2:00am after coming out of Bell in Hand we'd love it even more. Saus is open on Friday and Saturday nights until 2:00am.

Have you been to Saus? What sauces did you love for the frites and the waffle?


i got the veggie croquette pocket too, and i also wished there had been more sauce on it! it was a little dry starting about halfway through the pocket. i also tried a bite of the waffle with nutella sauce - SO good!i need to go back and try the fry/sauce combos!

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