Gossip Girl: Who's Your Daddy?

Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl had me laughing right out of the gate. First Blair threatens Dorota, "Hang or up I'll tell the reporter you're undocumented!" Followed by Dan trying to win over Chuck with a dog, "You felt nothing after 'Field of Dreams', so I'm taking it to the next level."

Most of the episode tonight was about Blair's pregnancy paternity test. Personally, I was hoping the father would be Chuck. It's a good thing there were no phones allowed in the Jenny Packham party, as Dan and Blair made quite the scene with the test envelope. That type of outburst is Gossip Girl's dream.

Poor Nate. Diana has completely duped him. Again, I hate this story line.

Though I am beyond over the Ivy/Charlie story line, I too would have second guessed my decision to head back to L.A. if someone presented me with that pink, glittering dress.

Onto Dan and his manuscript. At first when I thought his mentor, Noah, stole his book, I was furious! Then when I discovered he was just forcing Dan to come forward I was cheering. I am already calling a hook up between Dan and the publicist, Alessandra.

In the final scene of the episode, my dream man Chuck Bass is laying alone in the dark, on his bed, when his shaggy dog curls up next to him to ease his pain. As if that wasn't pathetic enough, then Chuck turns his head to reveal one glistening tear streaming down his face. As if!

Previews for next week show the fall out from the publishing of Dan's book. I can't even wait!

*Images courtesy of the CW.


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