Dining Out: Cafe Bellini

On my third day in San Francisco I was pressed for time for lunch. I had a super busy morning at the trade show and the afternoon was going to be just as packed. I walked outdoors and a short two blocks from the trade show was Cafe Bellini.

Here are all the reasons Cafe Bellini is an exceptional place for a work day lunch:

1) The menu is posted outside, on the sidewalk, making it effortless to check it out and see if you want to step in.

2) They have the nicest staff! I was greeted by two, young, bubbly blonds who were more than happy to answer any questions. They could tell I was in a rush (wonder what gave it away? Ha!) and they were sure to get me everything I needed quickly.

3) In case the sign outside didn't help you decide what you want, everything is on display in the case! A feast for the eyes.

4) Their tomato and mozzarella panini. The photo speaks for itself.

5) Their dessert offering! I hadn't had a single sweet since arriving in San Francisco (three days!) and I was craving chocolate. I went for the most decadent treat in the case - the peanutbutter, caramel chip brownie. It was so rich I had to tap out after four bites. I wrapped it back up and took it back to the hotel for later.

6) Outdoor seating! I only had ten minutes, but that was long enough to eat my delicious lunch in the sun and feel refreshed (thank you, Vitamin D) before heading back to the trade show.

Cafe Bellini is located at 235 Powell Street in Union Square. There are additional locations in San Francisco, see the full list here.


looks like a cute place for lunch! enjoying the SF recaps, what fun!

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