90210: Hysteria

To my loyal 90210 recap readers, my sincere apologies for not writing about last week's spring return of our favorite teen soap! I was in Miami at my parents' house and sadly, they do not have DVR, making it impossible for me to bring you the recap in a timely manner. However, this week, I am back in action!

Let's start with Ivy and Raj. Though I completely agree with Ivy that Raj faking his own drowning was uncool, I was thrilled to see her get back in the water! Did you notice the song playing during the surf competition? One of my favorites - "The Seed" by the Roots!

I hope Ivy does get sponsored by Hurley and gets to travel the world. What do you think Raj's diagnosis will be when he finally goes to the doctor for his check up?

How painful was it to watch Silver in her manic state? That blood red hair color was blinding and her incessant voicemails for the NYU alum? Yikes! I wonder how much longer she'll be in this crazed dimension before she (or Navid) realizes something is up.

I feel badly for Annie that just as she was starting to develop a sincere friendship with Marla, it was revealed how sick she may really be. When Annie found those pamphlets at the end of the episode my heart sank. Will the writers goes cheesy on us and have Annie "save" Marla's will to live?

Last, but certainly not least, I loved the Naomi and Max story line this week. It was fun to see Naomi in a jealous fit of rage. You knew Max really cared for her when he took her answer during the competition over his teammate. Though she was wrong and cost him the title, he still wanted to be with her. How cute was it in the final scene when they are walking down the hall, him in the black Gucci shirt and her in his "Geology Rocks" t-shirt? Love.

In previews for next week's episode it looks like many of the supporting cast members return - Aunt Becky, Laurel and Mr. Matthews.

See you next week at West Bev!

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