90210: Power Flip

Tonight on 90210 Jen learns she doesn't excel at being a mother. After leaving an event with the wrong baby and allowing her son to fall from his changing table, she gets completely spooked. When Naomi comes over to visit and Jen offers her a spare set of keys to the house, was it not obvious Jen planned to skip town and abandon her baby?

That move was almost as predictable as Joe Jonas trying to encourage Adriana to stand up for herself in the face of her controlling manager. How Disney channel of you, Joe.

What I did not predict was the chemistry between Navid and Silver! The tension before that almost kiss was palpable! Something tells me Navid might wander in Silver's direction.

Also, is it just me or does Silver continue to put herself in compromising situations? First trying to seduce Cannon for the sake of exposing him, and now pretending to audition for an adult film? Nuts.

On an unrelated note, where was Teddy this episode?

At the close of the episode, Annie reads her college admissions essay, which is an ode to her mother. Awww, Aunt Becky! And speaking of, in previews for next week, Aunt Becky hooks up with Mr. Matthews! I can't wait to see how that goes down.

Can we also discuss the disappearance of Harry? I realize he and Aunt Becky are supposed to be separated, but they could show his new girlfriend and not him?

I will close this week's recap by complimenting the stylists for making Adriana look stunning in both her white and black dresses and for transforming Naomi into a Grecian goddess in that green, one shoulder number. Bravo!

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