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While perusing one of my favorite websites, The Frisky, I discovered a delicious convergence of two of my favorite things: ice cream and shoes!

I have no idea where you could realistically wear these, but I love the concept! Perhaps its time to plan an ice cream social!


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Best Footwear for Long Distance Walking

Nowadays we can see a big collection of footwear in the market. In this big collection, you can find different types of style and comfort zone. But all of them are not suitable for walking. Even not every footwear is made for walking. If you choose the wrong shoes for you then it may hurt your feet. So it is very essential to choose a suitable couple of footwear for you. If you have to walk long distances and you are hunting for suitable footwear, then you should know all the features of long-distance walking footwear. You can check some features out bellow.

  1. Heel

The heels of long-distance walking shoes cushion the tarsus. And also ensures the proper fit.


The upper is a very important part. Upper holds the shoe on your foot. Usually, the original long-distance walking shoes have those types of upper which are made of leather, mesh or synthetic materials. A good qualified long-distance walking shoe need to be lightweight. And Mesh gives better ventilation and is lighter weight.

  1. Insole

It gives cushion and support to your feet and tarsus. Removable insoles are helpful. If the insole is removable then you can able to launder or taken out to dry between walking sessions.

  1. AirMidsole

Midsole help cushion your flat feet and when your foot strikes the ground then midsole reduces impact.

  1. Outsole

The outsole makes contact with the ground. To maintain traction grooves and treads play an important role.

  1. Toe Box

For a comfortable walking the space for toe is an important thing. The toe box provides enough space for the toe. The round toe box helps to prevent calluses.

These are some important features of long-distance walking shoes. If any shoes have the above features those are the long-distance walking shoes. When you will go to the market to purchase a couple of long-distance shoes then you must check whether these features are available or not. If you find all the features in a couple of shoes then you can able to enjoy a peaceful walk with them. So Buy your desire one and have a healthy walk.

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