Dining Out: Petit Robert Bistro

This past weekend my mother came to visit from Florida. She had been wanting to try Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Square and her plane landed right at dinner time so we headed straight to the restaurant.

We knew it would be a great night when we found a parking spot directly in front of the restaurant. You will know Petit Robert Bistro by the illuminated Eiffel tower in front of the entrance. Once inside, the decor and atmosphere transport you to France. The servers are friendly and enthusiastic which makes for a very pleasant experience.

The servers bring a warm, crusty French baguette to the table which you rip with your hands, like a true Parisian. I started with the soup of the day - cream of green bean and cabbage. It sounds disgusting, but tasted like a more refined broccoli cheddar soup. My mother started with a salmon appetizer served with crostini and capers.

For dinner I had the lentil cake which tasted like an elegant take on falafel. It was served with a cold salad which was fresh and complimented the lentil cake beautifully. My mother had the beef bourguignon and we split a side of pommes frites (french fries).

In our family we always have room for dessert, specifically french desserts! After pausing to enjoy the adorable images on the front of the dessert menus, we decided to order the "one giant profiterole" as it was called on the menu.

The profiterole was the size of a human head! A flakey puff pastry filled with three scoops of ice cream and topped with homemade hot fudge, it was sheer bliss.

Petit Robert is a superb French restaurant in a great location. It is just doors away from my favorite bar/restaurant in Boston, Eastern Standard. Petit Robert is perfect for a special occasion or a night when the parents are picking up the tab.

Petit Robert also has locations in the South End and in Needham.

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